EastEnders viewers figure out hidden characters in Christmas death scene

EastEnders fans have spotted some major clues that there could be more than the six named matriarchs at the Christmas murder scene.

BBC viewers have shared their theories after finding several clues which point to the conclusion that there are more than just Denise Fox, Suki Panesar, Stacey Slater, Kathy Beale, Sharon Watts and Linda Carter, who are shown on screen standing over the dead body in the Queen Vic.

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The episodes will air in December – after the flash forward was originally shown in February – to get fans excited for the big reveal.

It is not clear yet who the victim or the killer is, but the women are seen covered in blood with ripped clothes.

The scene takes place on Sharon's wedding day and finishes with her checking the victim's pulse and saying "he's dead".

However, fans are convinced she's looking at someone else who cannot be seen on screen at the time as she spoke the words.

Sam Mitchell has been tipped to be the seventh woman in the murder plot as her return to the show has been discussed.

Cindy Beale has also recently made a comeback and some fans speculate she could also be involved in the crime.

Other viewers have been suggesting that as it's taken place in the home of pub landlords Gina Knight, Anna Knight, George Knight and Elaine Peacock, it would be unlikely that none of them are there.

One wrote: "Makes me believe Elaine and George are involved in a major way."

A second added: "I think Elaine, George and the Knight girls will be stood outside to stop people coming into the Vic."

There is another colour theory which involves the women's dresses meaning something darker.

One viewer argued they could mean the seven deadly sins which means orange and yellow, and light blue, are missing.

Another colour theory is linked to the coloured balloons in The Vic for Anna's birthday, which were of the same colour as all the gowns the women wear sporting, apart from orange, yellow and light blue.

This could potentially mean there are two or three more women involved in the plot which are currently unnamed – which could leave room for Sam, Cindy and Elaine.

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