Elizabeth Hurley, 55, poses totally naked for stunning snap on a bale of hay

ELIZABETH Hurley posed totally naked for stunning nude snap on a bale of hay.

The 55-year-old wowed fans with her latest social media post which showed her crossing her legs and letting her wavy locks cascade over her shoulder and cover her breasts.

The actress showed off her enviable body as she soaked up the sunshine on her property.

A number of fans raced to show their appreciation for the racy snap, with one writing: "Look how gorgeous you look!"

Another posted: "Beautiful woman."

A third added: "You look incredible! Most stunning woman."

The actress has never been shy of flashing her flesh – even in front of her close family members.

Liz turned up the heat during this cold spell by posing in just pants and a fake fur jacket back in January.

The star looked sensational as she braved the weather in an open coat as Britain was ­blanketed by snow.

Liz put up the sultry shot — taken at her Herefordshire home — saying she was on a make-believe holiday.

She added: “I’m so fed up being at home, I’m pretending I’m away and am living through my camera for ten days.”

However, the actress faced backlash after critics slammed her for getting her son to take the sultry pics.

Piers Morgan urged her to put her clothes back on today – and said it was "creepy and thirsty" her son model son Damian was behind the lens.

However, Liz hit back and confirmed her 80-year-old mum Angela took those topless photos.

Sharing the pictures again, Liz said: "These pics were in fact taken by my 80 year old mother.

"Not entirely sure if that puts minds at rest or not."

Liz has also previously spoken about how her son has taken photos of her in a bikini.

She said: “When we’re on holiday together, sure he’ll take some pictures.

“And you know, he’s got a really good eye and he’s studying photography.”

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