Emily Atack reveals naughty foxes keep trying to steal her knickers after moving into her garden – The Sun

EMILY Atack has baby foxes living in her garden and trying to run off with her knickers.

The Inbetweeners actress revealed she found the urban foxes living in her London garden and jumping around in her washing basket.

Talking to Jamie Theakston on this morning's Heart Breakfast show, she explained: "Even this morning though! I’ve got four baby fox cubs in my garden with two parents, they’ve moved in.

"Yesterday, they’ve been jumping in my laundry, I put the laundry out and they’re jumping in my laundry, and yesterday I had to literally wrestle a trainer out of its mouth. It’s insane!"

The I'm A Celeb star even admitted that the foxes have become a little over familiar with her underwear.

She said one of the foxes "jumped in my laundry basket and just jumped and had my knickers round his head."

Presenter Amanda Holden made a joke of the situation and said: "He can flog that on eBay later on!"

However, lockdown hasn't been all bad for Emily, who also revealed: "I’ve learned a lot of things about myself and it’s been really tough but I’m really happy it’s lifting now."

She has also been embracing a more natural look on Instagram.

Her stories have shown her wearing natural makeup and sporting shorter hair.

While fans are used to seeing the star glammed up, she took to Instagram to reveal she was done with having to maintain her flowing locks. 

Posting a picture of herself displaying her new do she wrote: "Hacked my extensions out with pliers and used paper scissors to trim it."

The actress, who found fame as Charlotte Hinchcliffe in The Inbetweeners, credited her time in the famous ITV jungle for her new attitude.

"It’s been tough for everybody but I’m healthy and I’m well and my friends and family are well and you know without trying to sound like a beauty pageant princess, everybody is safe and well and that’s all you can ever hope for isn’t it?" she said.

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