Emmerdale Caleb sussed by Kim, EastEnders death confirmed and 23 soap spoilers

Secrets are sussed and celebrity visits are aplenty as coronation and Eurovision fever hit the land of soap, with another unmissable week on the cards for the genre.

Consider us excited already.

Caleb Milligan (William Ash) makes a huge error in Emmerdale, which leaves Kim Tate deciding to take action, which could scupper his entire plot to get revenge on her.

Over in EastEnders, Linda Carter is devastated with news about Mick, but her attention is soon elsewhere as her betrayal is revealed, leaving Sharon Watts seething.

Coronation Street, meanwhile, sees Fiz Stape decide to leave the eponymous street after a big job comes her way, while Hollyoaks sees a visit from not one, but two celebrities as part of the Channel 4 soap’s Eurovision celebrations.

And speaking of celebrity visits, Walford also has a Eurovision icon in its midst, with a special performance not to be missed.

If you want even more spoilery goodness, then dive into Metro.co.uk’s bumper guide, just in time for the weekend, with all of next week’s (May 8 to 12) soapy drama on offer.


1. Linda breaks down as she receives Mick’s Presumption of Death certificate. Sharon rallies around her, explaining Mick’s death to a confused Ollie, which leaves Linda feeling awful, as she explains to Alfie that she’s only keeping Sharon and Nish sweet until her mystery buyer makes their mind up. Nish and Suki swoop in with their associates to show off their ‘new acquisition’, but Linda bursts their bubble. Sharon, meanwhile, is furious, as the truth is revealed, with a huge fight breaking out, just as the new co-owner of the Vic walks in – it’s Linda’s mum, Elaine!

2. Elaine’s return sends shockwaves through the Square, as she charms some punters while putting others in their place. Sharon storms out, with Alfie persuading Linda to try and make things right with her, but the landlady’s hopes of reconciliation may prove futile. Nish’s intimidation tactics fail to work on Elaine, but things take a shock turn when The Vic is trashed in the middle of the night by intruders, with Linda’s glass flamingo – a gift from Nish – smashed and pointedly left on the bar.

3. Karen’s shocked by the news of Keanu and Sharon’s engagement. Keanu turns down the idea of celebrating at The Vic for fear of enraging Nish. Terrified for her son’s safety, Karen visits Suki to beg her, mother to mother, to get Nish to drop his vendetta. But will he agree to do so?

4. Reiss is nowhere to be seen on the morning of Sonia’s birthday. Rocky is concerned, telling Kathy about having overheard Reiss on the phone, but Kathy is adamant that he should drop this. Despite Kathy’s words, Rocky comes close to spilling the beans – that is, until Reiss shows up. But with Rocky demanding the truth, Sonia overhears their conversation and, devastated, she orders Reiss out of her life.

5. Desperate for more money, Stacey turns to the cameras once more, with matters becoming more complicated when Alfie reveals he’s moving out, meaning they’re losing his contribution to the house.

6. Kim is full of anxiety as she prepares for court. Denzel tries to help her but soon realises that she hasn’t told Howie about her panic attack. After suffering another attack, Kim rallies herself for court and is touched to see Howie and Denzel waiting to accompany her. Kim’s solicitor reassures her that she has nothing to worry about but, as the case goes before the judge, the verdict leaves everyone speechless.

7. Ben pushes himself to support Lola and Jay but, when Lola reveals that she’s giving up work, he resolves to work even harder. Jay asks him to pick Lexi up ahead of Kathy’s Eurovision party, which sees a surprise appearance from Buck’s Fizz’s Cheryl Baker, but he forgets, leaving Lola and Jay upset. Annoyed at himself, Ben knocks back the booze, before picking a fight with Vinny, as Lola screams in terror, with Ben realising that he’s gone too far.

Coronation Street

8. Daisy plans to take a step back from helping Ryan, but when Ryan calls ‘Crystal’, she adopts her alter-ego’s voice to let him down gently. The plan, however, backfires, with Ryan plotting to fly to Ibiza to see her, forcing Daisy to take action as she confronts him on the matter. Ryan wants to know how she knew he was considering going to Ibiza, with Daisy successfully covering her tracks, suggesting they go for a walk. Ryan is thankful, but as they stare at each other, it’s clear their feelings run deeper than just friendship.

9. Ryan begins to feel unwell, rushing to the bathroom to be sick. Desperate for help, he calls Crystal and leaves a message, before drifting into unconsciousness.

10. Daniel finds Max’s heartfelt video diary on his phone, later sharing his discovery with Daisy and Ken, vowing to help Max. Having found Daisy’s spare phone, Daniel records a message for Max suggesting that if there’s anything bothering him, he can record it on the phone. Max watches Daniel’s video but Gav, a mate, demands to know where he got it. Max explains that Daniel gave him the phone so he could record a journal. Gav plays Ryan’s voice message and Max listens with concern, knowing Ryan is in danger.

11. Sarah calls at the bistro to find Damon, who kisses her, with one thing leading to another in the office. Adam and Dee-Dee, meanwhile, need a meeting about the late license but find the bistro locked, relaying their discovery to Nick and Leanne, who wonder where Damon has got to. Damon and Sarah, meanwhile, freeze with fear as the aforementioned characters approach – are they about to be caught?

12. Fiz receives a promotion from Stephen, but the job is in Norwich. Fiz packs her case, with Izzy and Kirk offering their support, while Evelyn and the girls wave her off as she leaves with Tyrone for the station.

13. Paul pleads guilty in court and is gutted to realise that he’s due for sentencing on the day before Gemma’s wedding.

14. Amy has a date with Ezra, a boy from her course, and thus she cannot attend Billy’s Eurovision party with Summer and Aadi.


15. Mackenzie struggles in the wake of finding out that Reuben might have a bleed on the brain, lashing out at Dan, much to the horror of Charity, who starts to suspect that something is up. At the hospital, the worried dad joins Chloe, risking his marriage to be there for his son. There is relief when the consultant confirms there’s no sign of brain damage, but the joy is short-lived for Mack, as Charity arrives at the hospital as part of a surprise visit, realising that her husband is none other than Reuben’s father.

16. Mandy invites Paddy over for lunch, with Paddy subsequently revealing that he’s dealing with his grief in a healthy way. But as the two talk further things become rather intimate, with the former lovers sharing a kiss. Mandy worries she’s made a mistake, while Paddy fears he’s overstepped. Determined to move on, Mandy sets herself up on a dating app, but is this really what she wants?

17. Paddy attends a man club outside the village. Not knowing the men and nervous at first, Paddy eventually speaks up, realising that he’s far from alone with his problem, bonding with some fellow members. When he agrees to come back, it’s clear that Paddy is moving in the right direction. 

18. Gabby is gleeful after setting a wedding date for her big day with Nicky, who’s left sheepish after a non-starter in the bedroom. The nanny sets off for an illicit meet up with Ally, but he’s later left stunned when he spots his boyfriend in Gabby’s company at the HOP, with Gabby suggesting that they go out together for the evening.

19. Cain and Will come to blows once more, and things get violent. Shortly after returning from her trip, Kim gives Cain both barrels, warning him he’s on his last chance with her, which leaves him with food for thought. The businesswoman soon starts to worry about where Caleb’s loyalties lie and, after he slips up, Kim ends their partnership. Caleb, however, proves just how far he’s willing to go after he suggests a plan to betray Cain and Moira in a bid to secure the land they need.

20. Rhona is shocked and angry when she finds Tom operating on Monty at the vets. Tom is later left surprised when Rhona offers him a job!


21. Ethan tells Sienna about a tip off he’s received from a friend for the horse races but Mercedes and Goldie overhear, learning the ‘winning’ horses name. The day of the Chester races then rolls around, and Ethan cannot find the tip-off! He starts to panic, worried about destroying Sienna’s dreams. Sienna, however, is rescued by Rafe. Ethan, on the hunt for Sienna, bumps into Mercedes and Goldie and discovers they’ve got the tip-off, getting it back, unaware that Sienna is told by Rafe to put her bets on a different horse.

22. Goldie is stunned when Scott Mills arrives in the village, out of battery. The beautician urges Tony to drive Scott into Liverpool in a bid to save Eurovision, hopping in the car for the ride.

23. Maxine wants to take back control and diminish any power Eric has left over her, facing him in prison, but her patience soon wears thin as she isn’t prepared to take any more of the incel’s excuses. Unable to play pretend and stick to James’ plan, she sends the lawyer away to leave her and her abductor alone.

24. Scott Drinkwell is stunned to find out that Diane went to school with Eurovision icon Sonia, who he’s tasked with looking after while volunteering at the music competition. Sonia later arrives in the village for an extra special performance, catching up with old friend Diane in the process.

25. The pressure of work comes between Zoe and Sam and, feeling exhausted and sick, Zoe reveals she thinks they should have a break. How will Sam take the news?

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