Emmerdale fans distracted by gun blunder as villager launches robbery plot

GABBY Thomas' blood ran cold during last night's latest edition of Emmerdale.

But fans of the ITV soap were left scratching their heads when a hand was seen stealing a shotgun from Home Farm's cabinet.

Fears of Jamie Tate's return to the titular village are haunting Gabby Thomas (portrayed by Rosie Bentham).

In scenes aired last night, the terrified young mother was seen terrified, running back to Home Farm after spotting a torch and a suspicious figure.

Panicked, Gabby locked the door and barricaded herself in by pushing a chair against it for extra safety and desperately tried to secure the rest of the house.

She then phoned her stepmother Laurel Thomas (Charlotte Bellamy), whom she had given her son Thomas to, giving her the impression she was calling to check on something trivial – but her phone ran out of battery.

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Later on, Gabby found a package which seemed to confirm her frights.

The package was a a gift from an unknown sender, assumed to be Jamie Tate, a baby-grow with "Daddy's Little Star" printed on it.

Once Laurel finally reached her, Gabby was even more worried but got out of explaining herself.

Thankfully, her chat with Laurel raised her spirits and, as she walked around the house and calling out to Jamie, Gabby began to taunt him.

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Gabby first stated that she wasn't afraid of Jamie anymore before claiming he had always been "a total wet blanket", preferring him dead.

But as the show drew to a close, the glass of Home Farm's gun cabinet was smashed and a mysterious hand reached in to take a shotgun.

Eagle-eyed Emmerdale fans were quick to point out yet another soap blunder on Twitter.

"Who keeps guns in a glass cupboard you normally have them in a strong cupboard with locks on it", one viewer penned.

A second commented: "So they just keep guns in a cabinet not locked away", while a third fan added: "Well that was a secure gun cabinet."

Another fan backed up their comment with the Firearms Act, fuming: "Erm, just to point out that by law (Firearms Act) guns shouldn't be kept in a glass cabinet. They should be kept in a secure, solid locked cupboard."

But could this really be Jamie Tate?

Meanwhile, Tuesday's episode began with new flashforward scenes, including Noah Dingle (Jack Downham) screaming for help and Faith Dingle (Sally Dexter) banging on the door of a prison cell.

Both characters have landed themselves in trouble as Noah tried to hold Chloe Harris hostage in his home while Faith smashed one of Dan Spencer's windows with a dumbbell after a spat with Amelia.

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The flashforward scenes also featured a bloodied hand in a crashed car and a smoking gun, but no other clues were revealed.

Emmerdale airs weeknights on ITV.

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