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SEEKING revenge for her part in Holly's death, Matty Barton came up with a plan against Suzy Merton.

However, eagle-eyed Emmerdale viewers pointed out he must have forgotten about the existence of DNA and put him on blast.

The Hide Bistro barista played by Ash Palmisciano has had it in for the newcomer for weeks after being made aware she was the reason behind Holly's fatal overdose in 2016.

This is despite his mother Moira telling him she'd be taking a step back from Suzy who has been romantically involved with her friend Vanessa Woodfield.

Moira made the decision Vanessa's happiness was more important than her grief but Matty was hellbent on making Suzy pay.

During last night's trip to the Dales, Matty used the drugs he had found belonging to Leyla Cavanagh's dealer Callum and planted the bag in Suzy's (portrayed by Martelle Edinborough) boot.

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Matty then reached out to the police and exposed her for having a whopping amount of cocaine in her car.

But while he tried to throw her under the bus, ITV viewers were confused as to how, in his careful scheming, the bitter character managed to forget there was such a thing as DNA – a crucial piece of evidence that could lead the authorities straight to him.

Soap fans swarmed over to Twitter and pointed out the blunder.

"Haha OK Matty number one you are right by the shop so CCTV and also you've left your finger prints on the boot you moron can see this one backfiring!", one viewer penned.

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Another agreed: "Ever heard of Fingerprints Matty?", while a third echoed: "Still no gloves Matty? The boy is an idiot."

A fourth wrote: "I hope Matty’s stupid plan to frame Susie backfires in his face big time."

"I wonder if Matty thought to wipe his prints of the bag and drugs inside?", another commented.

"Just how thick do Emmerdale think us viewers are?", one of them went on to question.

Another viewer explained Suzy couldn't get into trouble for the bag of drugs due to Matty's fingerprints.

"The bag Matty is going to obviously plant on Suzy, has HIS fingerprints on, Leyla’s most likely & the drug dealer's, but Suzy WONT be as she doesn’t know about it!! So how can she get done for having it??!!"

"How dumb is Matty? His, Leyla’s and Callum’s fingerprints are going to be on the drugs not Suzy’s", another one wrote.


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One final viewer chimed in: "Does he realise his fingerprints are all over the bag and the packs of drugs?"

But regardless of the DNA, Matty's plan was a bust as Callum managed to take the bag out of Suzy's boot before handing it back to Leyla.

Suzy was still pulled over by a police officer and her boot was examined – only to reveal some equipment for Rhona Goskirk's hen do as Matty watched from afar.

Meanwhile, Leyla gave her husband Liam a fright when the village GP found her lying unconscious next to empty bag of cocaine.

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