Emmerdale fans rocked to the core as they learn Louise Jameson's real age

Louise Jameson, Emmerdale star

Emmerdale fans are desperate to know Louise Jameson’s secrets after learning her real age.

The actress made her arrival as Mary Goskirk in 2022 but prior to that, she played Sharon Crossthwaite in the ITV soap, who turned out to be the first ever character to be murdered on the show.

Also known for her role as Leela in Doctor Who, Louise Jameson’s acting career is incredibly impressive and as she continues to wow us all with her performances as Mary in Emmerdale, many have taken to googling her to find out more about Louise and her real age – and it was the latter that left many stunned this week.

‘Louise Jameson who plays Mary, is 72 & still looks amazing’, one Twitter user said.

In agreement, another responded and said: ‘It’s her eyes!’.

Paddy listened as Mary said that she lied to Rhona (Zoe Henry) and Marlon (Mark Charnock) about getting back into the dating world and seeing someone new. Unable to cope with the humiliation of what Faye (Jane Gurnett) had done to her, she’d actually been sitting in her car crying.

Mary told him how the relationship she’d had with Faye finally made her feel like her authentic self. ‘I pretty much loved her instantly,’ she said. ‘But while I was feeling everything, she was feeling nothing.’

This was a huge moment for Mary. Her relationship with Faye was the first one after she came out as gay and told Paddy that by allowing herself to be vulnerable with Faye, she’d been hurt in the worst way possible.

After promising to keep her secret, Paddy returned to the pub and was met with a furious Marlon, who was hurt and disappointed that Paddy hadn’t turned up to assist him with driving lessons.

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