Emmerdale legend exits soap after 12 years as fans devastated over prison twist

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    Emmerdale star Liam Fox has bid farewell to the ITV soap after portraying the role of Dan Spencer for 12 years.

    After discovering his daughter, Amelia Spencer (Daisy Campbell) was being stalked by an older man named Lloyd (Matt Sutton), Dan confronted and ended up punching him, landing him in a coma.

    As Dan pleaded guilty to manslaughter, Lloyd was pronounced dead in hospital.

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    Fans were left emotional during Thursday's instalment (August 17) of the soap as Dan said his final goodbyes to his friends and family in the village ahead of his sentencing.

    He gave Amelia a selection of letters for her and Esther before the teen mum handed him a photo of the two of them to keep in his cell.

    When Dan arrived in court, his solicitor reiterated that his sentence was likely to be short, giving both Dan and fans hope.

    On the stand, Dan took matters into his own hands, telling the judge it was better to say things in his own words.

    "I'm not a violent person. I punched him, once," he said. "But I didn't think about what was going to happen.

    "I didn't do it because I wanted to injure anyone. I did it cos I couldn't stand the thought of him carrying on harassing my little girl.

    I wish I hadn't. And I feel sorry for his missus and his parents and everyone. I do. What I'm saying is, I'm just normal. I'm no different. And this could happen to any of you".

    He went on to take accountability for his actions, admitting he would regret it for the rest of his life, despite the outcome.

    But things took a devastating turn when Dan discovered the he was being sentenced to eight years in prison.

    Fans rushed straight to social media to debate the verdict, with many fuming over the lengthy sentence.

    One fan wrote: "Limited remorse? He’s been nothing more than remorseful for his actions! 8 years?!?"

    "#Emmerdale so cruel absolutely horrible Dan 8 years away, oh guys heart breaks for Amelia so sad," added a second.

    Another chimed: "EIGHT?!?! Ohhh Dann #Emmerdale".

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