Emmerdale star Hayley Tamaddon's toddler son rushed to hospital after falling ill and 'getting worse'

EMMERDALE star ​Hayley Tamaddon has revealed she was forced to rush her son into hospital after he fell ill.

The soap actress took to her Instagram Story last night to update her followers on Jasper's health, days after telling fans about his first hospital visit.

Sharing a photo of their 20-month-old asleep, Hayley penned: "Ended up in hospital again today with a very poorly boy.

"He got better only to get get worse again.

"Thank you to the amazing staff @SalfordRoyalNHS .. we are so lucky to have the #nhs".

On Sunday, the 44-year-old took to Instagram to share a lengthy post explaining her social media silence and revealed that her little boy had been ill.

The TV star shared a black-and-white shot of them in happier times and wrote: "I've taken a break from social media for a while for a few personal reasons.. one of those being that jasper was really poorly.

"He’s on the mend now thank god but for 2 weeks he’s not been well at all, bless him, and We ended up in hospital one night.

"He’s on antibiotics now and is much better."

The actress then asked her followers for advice on breastfeeding as she said was nearing the end of her breastfeeding journey after 18months.

"During that time he wouldn’t eat anything, and didn’t want the boob.. since he’s got better he just wants to bite it!" she continued.

"And my poor nips just can’t take it anymore. I swear he’s so close to ripping one off!

Adding: "So.. I feel like it’s time for the end of our breast feeding journey. Considering I was only going to do if for the first 6 weeks..

"I’m so proud of myself for managing 18 months. It’s been a beautiful journey, and I’m really sad, but it’s time to smother my nips in coconut butter and let them heal.

"Can I ask if anyone’s had to stop suddenly.. and how does it feel? Coz I’m dreading the pain! 🙈#honestmotherhood #breastfeeding".

Hayley welcomed her first child Jasper in October 2019 with her estate agent fiancé Adrian.

Hayley previously said discovering she was pregnant at the age of 42 was the "most unexpected news", and admitted she has previously suffered a miscarriage, but the devastating event "taught" her she could become pregnant.

Speaking about why she didn’t think she would be able to conceive, she said: "There are a few reasons why.

"I’m 42 and you get to 40 and think, I think that’s it. I’ve read there’s only a 5 per cent chance after 40 per month of a women getting pregnant and the risk of miscarriage increases massively.

"And sadly, we did go through that and what that taught me I could get pregnant.

"[It made me think] I can do it. I got to 42 thinking it’s never going to happen."

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