Emmerdale’s Christmas storyline rumbled as fans work out Chloes revenge

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    Emmerdale fans reckon they have figured out the soap’s Christmas storyline – with Chloe set to get her revenge after her brutal car crash.

    As fans will remember, Chloe Harris, Mackenzie Boyd and Charity Dingle were involved in a horrific car crash. The accident ended with car on the edge of a cliff – with Mack managing to escape the car.

    However, he was left with a big decision on whether to save Charity or Chloe. He decided to pull ex Charity to safety, leaving Chloe plunging to the ground below.

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    Critically injured, she was rushed to hospital straight after and underwent serious brain surgery. On Thursday's episode (October 19) Chloe was brought out of her coma. Thankfully, she woke up and when asked if she remembered the crash, she replied that she could "remember nothing".

    In Friday’s episode (October 20) Mack visited Chloe in hospital where he told what happened during the crash. However, he failed to tell Chloe that he picked to save Charity instead of her. But in a shocking turn of events, when alone with her baby Reuben, she told the tot how she “remembers everything,” including how Mack “left mummy to die.”

    Now, after Chloe revealed she knows everything about the crash, fans reckon she is “hellbent” on getting revenge on Mack. And some viewers reckon it’ll tie in with the Christmas storyline.

    Over on X, formerly known as Twitter, one person said; “I think Chloe remembers. She's gonna get better, reveal to the whole village, then leave with Rueben.” Someone else said: “If she really can't remember then I bet her memory will come back either Christmas Day or their wedding day.”

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    A third quipped: “This could be a Christmas storyline, were Chloe will regain her memory & maybe get revenge?” Another added: “Telling you they're going to drag this out until Christmas day & she'll get her memory back when they're carving the turkey….”

    A fifth fan chimed in and said: "Chloe knows Mack left her to fall and will seek hellbent revenge." A sixth also penned: "Can’t wait for Chloe’s revenge on Charity and Mackenzie."

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