Emmerdale’s fans shocked as Billy and Cain face getting jailed after being set up by DI Malone – The Sun

EMMERDALE fans are left in shock as Cain Dingle and Billy Fletcher have been set up as bait for police on what they thought would be their last job for crooked cop DI Malone.

The boys had been forced into Malone’s Line of Duty-style corrupt cop organisation along with Will Taylor but are refusing to follow his orders.

This led the dodgy detective to use them as bait to distract police from the real drug operation that Will was dragged into.

Malone has instructed for Will to pick up a van full of drugs and drive it to a specific location.

He has also told Billy and Cain to do the same, but on a completely seperate trip with all three men thinking they'll be working together.

Billy clearly on edge does not want to get involved in the big operation, but Cain promises him it's their last job and they'll soon be free.

"I've got a bad feeling like this," Billy tells Cain.

"What am I even doing? Do you understand what I have to lose? Everything."

Worried about spending a life in prison if they get caught, Cain reminds him that if Billy doesn't do the job he risks the safety of everyone he loves.

At that moment Cain receives a number of ominous messages saying Will is due to meet them there and for the men to leave their phones at home.

They head to the drop point where dodgy DI Malone meets them alone and hands them a bag.

"Lovely day for it isn't," Malone says to the men.

Elsewhere, Will prepares to carry out the huge drugs operation Malone has ordered him to complete.

But he’s terrified when he realises that DI Malone has set up Billy and Cain and is planning on arresting them.

Meanwhile, Will's daughter Dawn is dubious about her father's excuse that he cannot go to the school play because of a counselling appointment.

"There's nothing else is there?" Dawn grills Will.

As she heads off to the concert, Malone appears from the kitchen and Will questions him why he's suddenly doing the job without Cain and Billy.

"They just can't be trusted… I told you, you don't need anyone else," Malone replies.

In the final minutes of the episode Will questions one of the accomplices about where Billy and Cain are.

He replies: "Police are gonna have their hands full banging up the other guys."

When Will realises the men have been stitched up he tries to call them on their mobiles, which they've left at home.

Emmerdale fans could not believe DI Malone set Billy and Cain up and took to Twitter to express their shock.

One Twitter user wrote: "Was like a gangster film tonight with Cain will Billy no at to wait until Monday now bloody lockdown I what Cain."

While a second added: "Cain needs to come up with a plan real quick coz this ain’t it."

A third said: "Billy and Cain getting set up has no stakes when you know Cain will always come out on top.

And a fourth commented: "Oh dear Cain and Billy are being set up."

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