Faith is given day to remember in Emmerdale by loved ones ahead of death

It’s time to brace ourselves, Emmerdale’s Faith Dingle (Sally Dexter) is finally about to meet her end, and though it’s been on the cards for a while, it’ll hit her loved ones hard.

Faith is best known for living life to the full, and she most certainly plans to continue in this vein right until the end. She gets an idea from Aaron (Danny Miller) about how she can celebrate her final days with her family and begins planning a trip to the seaside. Sadly, her health takes a downwards turn and the family realise it won’t be possible to get there.

She won’t have it and insists they take her, so Cain goes on a mission. With a little Dingle plotting they come up with a plan to bring the beach to ailing Faith. She is over the moon to see what effort they have gone to for her and delights in watching everyone around her having a good time.

There’s time for one more surprise – her old pal Diane (Elizabeth Estensen) arrives to make the day extra special and Faith is left squealing with happiness. The day couldn’t be better.

The day is so perfect in fact that it leads to a heartbreaking decision from Faith – now is the time. She hints at Moira that she’s not long for this world while clutching a family photograph and Moira realises what Faith is alluding to.

She tries to get her to change her mind and while Faith agrees to wait, there’s a guilty look behind those eyes. Nate (Jurelle Carter) puts her to bed that night and once he’s gone, she switches off her phone, has a last loving glance at her photographs, and does the deed.

Just before she dies, Cain (Jeff Hordley) arrives to discover what she’s done. He’s heartbroken, but all he can do now is make her comfortable and hold her hand. He’s with her when she takes her final breath and is left to relay the news to her loved ones. And just like that, a little light has gone out in the Dales.

Faith’s decision to die alone was in part to control her own death, and in part to protect her family.

Actress Sally Dexter explained: ‘Although Faith has to accept Moira’s view, even if she doesn’t agree with it, she is hugely relieved and grateful that Moira promises to keep her plan from Cain and Chas, for the time being. She’s adamant that they should know nothing.

‘For one, she firmly believes they would do everything they could to prevent her carrying out her plan to quicken her own death. For another, if they knew about it, that knowledge could land them in a lot of trouble. It is illegal to assist someone to hasten their own death in this country. There is a penalty of imprisonment if found guilty.’

At the last minute, Faith decides to relieve Moira of the burden of being involved in her death.

‘She realises she cannot have any possibility of Moira being implicated either,’ Sally said. ‘For that reason, even though Moira relents and agrees to be by her side; Faith decides to take control alone.’

It was a sad and bittersweet end to an era for Sally, who said of filming the beautiful day: ‘This is the scene where Faith realised she couldn’t be happier- and she determines to carry out her plan the very next day. To go out on a ‘high’! I found it really quite poignant to film, I knew it meant Faith’s time in Emmerdale was up, and so was mine…’

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