Ferne McCann reveals she’s split from boyfriend Albie Gibbs after lockdown forces them apart – The Sun

FERNE McCann revealed she's split from new boyfriend Albie Gibbs because of coronavirus lockdown in tonight's First Time Mum.

The reality star, 29, broke the news to her fans on her reality show First Time Mum tonight.

She called the situation "proper s**t" and insisted she still thought Albie was the right man for her.

"How can I see a future with someone when I can’t physically be with them for the foreseeable future?" She asked herself. "I was naive to think the long distance thing would be OK. We have broken up and it is proper s**t.

"It sucks to say that I think he was the right guy, and I want to stress this, the right guy at the wrong time. But that to me just means it wasn’t right at all. I think yet again, Ferne McCann is officially back on the market."

Ferne said she didn't take the decision lightly.

"There’s a lot of time to think which isn’t the best when you’re an over-thinker," she continued. "I’ve had a lot of time to think and it is massively putting the strain on my relationship.

"Long distance relationships are hard. Not knowing when I’m next going to see him is rubbish. The conversations, it’s dead.

"There’s nothing to talk about is there? 'What are you up to? Not a lot.' It’s very monotonous. It’s completely out of both of our hands. I can’t help but think this is for a reason."

Last week Ferne admitted some of the biggest rows she had with financial trader Albie were about Instagram.

Ferne also recently had a pregnancy scare after flying to see him in New York City where he has relocated temporarily.

Describing Albie, 25, as her "fairtytale" hunk, Ferne had flown to the Big Apple to see her lover after spending five weeks apart.

Not much is known about Albie, who made his TV debut on the show, but shielded his face.

Ferne respected his decision but admitted getting mad at him for refusing to take photos of her playing tourist in New York so she can post them on Instagram.

She said: "He doesn't want to be in the limelight, he doesn't like taking pictures.

"It's causing rows, it caused our first domestic, he stormed off."

Despite the rows, Ferne finds it very sexy that Albie wants to be anonymous.

She said: "I like the fact he wants to remain a mystery, I find him very attractive, very sexy."

Her romantic getaway to New York to see Albie reaffirmed to Ferne that she really loved him, but missed her daughter Sunday, 2, more.

Ferne admitted: "It confirmed to me how much I'm in love with Albie, tears me apart I have to leave him but I miss my baby girl so much.

"My number one will always be Sunday.

"I can never see a world where Albie and the celeb world will be integrated. I like it, it means he's with me for me.

"He knew who he was getting involved with before we got together."

The episode took a stunning twist when Ferne thought she might be pregnant.

She admitted: "Usually I am really regular.

"Its stressing me out because I don't want another baby right now, it's meant for the future. I put a baby on my mood board, I manifested this!"

When the pregnancy test came back negative, Ferne declared: "I can breathe now."

Ferne first met Albie in 2018 in Dubai and revealed that she believed Albie was "the one".

"He’s such an amazing guy. When you’re in love with someone, you think about the future and getting married and having more children, and he has definitely made me feel like that," she told OK!.

"We haven’t spoken about it, but me being me, I’m like, 'Yeah, we’re going to get married and have children,' and he doesn’t even bat an eyelid. He’s like, 'Alright, Ferne!' He’s made me see a hopeful future. I’m happy."

The mother-of-one first spoke about her “mystery boyfriend” in The Sun on Sunday back in December.

She gushed at the time: “There is someone new. It’s still very much in the background.

"I’m enjoying dating but I won’t be spending Christmas with him. I’ll be with my friends and family.”

Ferne's romance followed a tumultuous two years which saw her ex-boyfriend and father of her child, Arthur Collins, jailed for 20 years after carrying out an acid attack in an East London nightclub.

After splitting with Arthur she had brief flings with model Jordan Hames, 24, and Love Island 2018 alum Charlie Brake.

First Time Mum continues on Wednesdays at 9pm on ITVBe.

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