Furious Coronation Street viewers complain to Ofcom over Geoff’s sick abuse of Yasmeen – The Sun

FURIOUS Coronation Street viewers have complained to Ofcom over Geoff’s sick abuse of Yasmeen.

Fans were left horrified when he forced her into sex in a recent episode – despite her being in obvious pain.

The abuser – who is played by actor Ian Bartholomew in the ITV soap – has given his wife chlamydia after he cheated on her with a succession of prostitutes – but she is yet to know that.

Instead she has been left in considerable pain from it and Geoff’s manipulations have left her even weaker.

Viewers were left horrified and sickened by what they watching and took to complaining to Ofcom about the show.

The Watchdog exclusively told The Sun that they had received 10 complaints about the show.

The scene played out when Geoff caused a row between Yasmeen and her friend Cathy, alienating her further.

And after he’d done that he tricked her into believing she only needed him in her life to be happy – and then he pounced.

Turning the television off he told her he wanted them to have an early night, but she declined pointing out how ill she was.

But despite Yasmeen’s obvious distress and discomfort, Geoff grabbed her hand and took her upstairs – clearly against her will.

“I’m not feeling that great, I’m serious,” Yasmeen said.

“So am I,” replied Geoff as he took her upstairs.

Fans also took Twitter to complain, with one tweeting: "Not geoff now forcing yasmeen to have SEX with him no no please no this is disgusting."

A second said: "#Corrie bit creepy Geoff talking Yasmeen into sex when she's not feeling it."

Another added: "I feel quite sick #thelovedoctor #Geoff @ITV #coronationstreet."

A fourth wrote: "Just finished watching #coronationstreet and just vomited in my own mouth the thought of Geoff as the #lovedoctor."



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