Game of Talents viewers freak out as spider wrangler puts a tarantula on her FACE

GAME of Talents viewers have freaked out after a spider wrangler put a tarantula on her FACE.

The ITV show sees two contestants paired up with celebrities to try and work out eight people's talents with just a few clues to help them.

Tonight saw Phil and Gillian go head to head and at one point, Phil was introduced to a blonde lady called Diana who said she had worked with Lady Gaga.

Phil guessed she was a singing impressionist based off the clues but it was soon revealed that she was in fact a spider wrangler.

Dressed like Marilyn Monroe and miming to Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend, Diana was given a series of small boxes which contained tarantulas.

She then showed them off on her hands before placing one of her eight-legged friends on her face, where it sat for the rest of her performance.

Gillian struggled to watch and many viewers were also horrified by the sudden appearance of the large spiders.

Taking to Twitter, one wrote: "Well I turned #gameoftalents on at the wrong time didn't I Face screaming in fear F**k that."

Another tweeted: "#GameOfTalents Those spiders…nah, I had to look away. Ugh."

A third added: "My skin is still bloody crawling from that."

Others tuned in to the show at the wrong moment, with one writing: "Came in the living room to see a woman with spiders on her face.. traumatised."

Meanwhile others were just having none of her talent, with a viewer simply tweeting: "F**K OFF WITH THE SPIDERS."

Game of Talents airs Saturdays at 7.30pm on ITV.

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