Gangs of London Sky air date: When does Gangs of London start? How many episodes?

Gangs of London is a new series which follows the struggles between rival gangs across the globe, and it is set in present-day London. The series promises to be full of action and intense fight scenes, and critics have already described it as having similarities to Peaky Blinders. has everything you need to know about when the series airs on Sky and what viewers can expect to see from the episodes.

When does Gangs of London start?

For those who have already taken an interest in shows like Peaky Blinders and films like The Raid, they will be pleased to hear the new series airs on Sky Atlantic today (April 23).

The series was created by award-winning filmmaker, Gareth Evans, and The Times described it as “the new drama series we will all be hooked on”.

The first hour-long episode will air at 9pm on Sky Atlantic, but all the episodes will be available to watch at once online.

In the first episode of the Sky Original fans will meet Finn Wallace (Colm Meaney), London’s most powerful criminal, until he is shot head and it is left to his son Shaun (Joe Cole) to find out who ordered the hit.

Evans has been consistently posting about the new series on his social media pages, and Cole has also been sharing teasers for the episodes.

Cole posted the poster for the new series on his Instagram, with the message: “Staying in might not be so bad after all. All episodes of Gangs of London out April 23.”

The episodes will also be available to stream on Now TV for those who do not have access to Sky.


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How many episodes in Gangs of London?

The series is made up of nine hour-long episodes, and all nine will be dropping online on Sky and Now TV at the same time.

Fans can either be brave and binge-watch the series, or if they want the suspense to last a little longer they can watch the episodes individually.

The episodes get more and more intense every time, so it will be hard for fans to turn off their TVs, but the storyline is a lot to take in so they will need to stay focussed.

The plot follows the Wallace family, many of whom are professional criminals, in their bid to find out who killed Finn and plot their revenge.

Fans have already expressed their excitement over the new series, with one fan saying on Twitter: “Buzzing to tune right into that Gangs of London starting on Thursday.”

Another fan said: “I’ve just binge-watched/previewed Gangs of London and it’s such an amazing, action-packed thriller. Love the fight scenes as well!”.

Alongside Peaky Blinders actor Cole, Sope Dirisu features in the series as Elliot Finch, a lowlife who ends up becoming involved with the Wallace family in ways he never would have imagined.

The British actor has starred in a number of films including The Huntsman: Winter’s War and Sand Castle, as well as TV series like Humans, Black Mirror and The Halcyon.

Lucian Msamati stars as Ed Dumani, a gang member who considers Shaun Wallace to be his son, as he was a best friend of Finn Wallace.

The actor played the role of Salladhor Saan in Game of Thrones, and he has also starred in His Dark Materials and Luther.

Michelle Fairley joins the cast as Marian Wallace, Shaun’s mother who has been forced to accept her way of life as a gang member and has become hardened to violence.

She is broken after the death of her husband and wonders whether Shaun, who has been given the title as man of the house, is up to the challenge of taking over as leader.

On the Chris Evans breakfast show, Cole described it as a “high-octane” series with “a lot of action”, and he said it “was not for the faint-hearted”.

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For two decades, Finn Wallace was the biggest name in the criminal world and his organisation was worth billions of pounds, but the Wallace family is broken after he is killed.

The Wallace family has plenty of rivals and it is left up to Shaun, who has been pushed into the role of leader, to find out what happened to him.

He works with the Dumani family – a family his father had been close to for years as they both came from similar walks of life.

The series looks at how Shaun deals with the sudden uptake of power, and how it causes “ripples in the world of international crime”, as Sky says.

Elliot Finch joins the investigation and quickly finds himself trapped in the inner workings of a huge criminal organisation in the Big City.


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The creators of the series have always been fascinated with the stories of the criminal world, and looking at London as a place of corruption and crime.

With many of these types of series trying to copy American films, the producers wanted to create something completely unique and fresh.

Speaking exclusively to the media, including, Gareth Evans said: “Gothemising something is like a shorthand way of describing what we were going to do, we have a shared love of world-building.

“We didn’t want to make something that felt social-realist, it’s not real-life crime as that’s been done already.”

Empire has given the series four stars, saying there is plenty of “unflinchingly ferocious screen violence” and this is where the series makes its biggest mark.

Gangs of London airs on Sky Atlantic and NOWTV on April 23

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