'Gilmore Girls': Keiko Agena Has an Opinion on Who Rory Gilmore Should End up With

It has been four years since fans met up with Rory Gilmore inGilmore Girls: AYear in the Life. When fans connected with Rory again, she was carryingon an illicit affair with her engaged ex-boyfriend, Logan Huntzberger. While it’spretty clear that Logan is the father of Rory’s Baby, fans are still undecidedabout who Rory should end up with in the end. Some fans believe DeanForrester, Rory’s first boyfriend, was her perfect fit. Other’s strongly believeJess Mariano, Luke Dane’s troubled nephew is Rory’s one true love. Still, other’sargue that Logan was the perfect mix of privilege and bravado for Rory. KeikoAgena, who played Lane Kim for all seven seasons of the series, has her ownopinion on Rory’s perfect love.

The revival left off with Rory single and pregnant

For the majority of the revival, Rory was carrying on anaffair with Logan. Logan wasn’t the only one who was in a relationship, though.Rory was also seeing someone. While Paul seemed to enjoy his time with Rory,she could barely remember the poor guy’s name. Eventually, Paulcuts Rory loose, citing their conflicting schedules as the reason for thebreakup.

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When fans left Rory, sitting in the town gazebo with Lorelai,she was single, pregnant, and without a job. The only thing Rory’s had goingfor her career was the fact that she had a manuscript she could possibly sell.Four years later, asecond revival has yet to be filmed, but fans mostly imagine Rory hasfigured something out regarding her career. Her love life, well, that’s entirelyopen for interpretation, as is the paternity of her child.

Logan is likely the father of Rory’s baby

While Amy Sherman-Palladino, the famed Gilmore Girlsshowrunner, never revealed the paternity of Rory’s baby, it’s pretty easy todeduce who is the most likely father. Rory and Paul rarely spent time together,and the breakup text suggests she likely hadn’t seen him in a few months. Thatpretty much pulls Paul out of the running.

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Fans note that theWookie that Rory hooked up with could potentially be the father of Rory’sbaby, but that seems unlikely. Rory and the Wookie had a one-night stand in thesummer episode of the revival. For the Wookie to have fathered a child withRory, she would not have found out about the pregnancy for several months.While Rory was somewhat flighty in the revival, she didn’t seem scattered enoughnot to notice a pregnancy for an entire trimester.

That leaves Logan as the father of Rory’s baby. Their lastnight together seems to coincide perfectly with the pregnancy reveal. The factthat Rory asked Christopherhow he felt about Lorelai raising her alone is another clue about the baby’spaternity, argue some fans. Logan being the father of the baby doesn’t meanthey’ll end up together, though.

Keiko Agena believes Rory belongs with Jess Mariano

While it seems pretty evident that Logan is the father ofRory’s baby, he isn’t precisely an available partner. Logan, when fans lastleft him, was engaged to the never-seen Odette, an heiress that the Huntzbergerfamily approved of. Agena suggests his messy relationship status means he isn’tthe one for Rory.

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Agena told UsMagazine that she firmly believes that Rory belongs with Jess, even thoughhe wasn’t that great of a boyfriend when he first dated Rory. She told thepublication that she always thought Jess cared for Rory the most and that theyhad the most in common. While Jess wasn’t a great boyfriend as a teen, hecertainly seemed to have grown into a good man, at least based on his cameo in GilmoreGirls: A Year in the Life.

Agena also told the publication that she thinks they wouldend up together if Sherman-Palladino pens another revival season. That jury isstill out on that one, but Agena’s thoughts are indeed music to the ears offans who are firmly Team Jess. How Sherman-Palladino would work around theLogan issue, however, remains to be seen.

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