GMB’s Dr Hilary warns ‘exponential’ surge in coronavirus cases to put UK back in lockdown

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Dr Hilary told Good Morning Britain’s Piers Morgan that the R rate is currently 1.4 in the UK. He added that this means 10 people with COVID-19 pass the virus onto 14 other people and that is this continued cases would grow exponentially.

Dr Hilary said: “We know the R rate is about 1.4 which means that 10 people are giving this virus to 14 others.

“If that continues the rate will increase exponentially and we will be back to where we were pre-lockdown before March.

“The growth rate is about 7 percent, so it is increasing quite quickly.

“We need to get a handle on the social distancing because not enough people have been abiding by the guidelines, therefore the COVID-19 virus has been spreading.”

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