Good Morning Britain fans in hysterics as Dr Hilary makes cheeky joke about Piers Morgan’s abs – The Sun

DR HILARY Jones had Good Morning Britain fans in hysterics with a cheeky joke about Piers Morgan's abs.

The TV medic took a swipe at Piers as he boasted to viewers about being complimented on his abdominal muscles by none other than footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.

As Piers, 55, brought up the interview he did with the Portuguese professional, his co-host Susanna Reid said: "Can I just point out, just because someone says you have good abs doesn't mean you do."

"So are you calling Ronaldo a liar? Okay," replied Piers.

Then before Piers could go on, Dr Hilary Jones was heard shouting from the opposite end of the studio: "Yeah, great abdominals for a double hernia."

And viewers could not contain their glee as they chatted on social media.

One wrote: "Dr Hilary dissing @piersmorgan has made my day!! #GMB"

"OMG Dr Hilary PMSL – "yeah, great abdominals for a double hernia" !! Cheeky cheeky LOL," commented another.

Piers once revealed his abs in a hilarious naked poster for fast food chain Burger King in 2009.

The dig came as Piers announced that he, Susanna and Dr Hilary are all on holiday from Good Morning Britain next week.

The journalist said reporting daily on the coronavirus pandemic had been a "long old haul" as he announced the week-long break.

When Susanna asked him if he was going anywhere nice for what should be half-term week, he joked: "I'm going upstairs. To my top room."

She also teased it would give him time to investigate who "whacked" his car light, after he accused her of smashing into his motor on yesterday's show.

The break might please PM Boris Johnson after Piers warned he'll "attack ministers" by analysing their interviews on rival channels after they boycotted his show.

Yesterday the defiant host said that GMB will be “sub-interviewing” ministers because the government is refusing to let them appear on the show.

The government stopped giving GMB interviews with ministers after a string of combative interviews with Piers.

Ministers have not appeared on the morning show for over 20 days, despite giving interviews to rivals BBC Breakfast.

Piers wrote on Twitter: “Hi @BorisJohnson @10Downing Street – given your outrageous ongoing boycott of @GMB, we will now be sub-interviewing all cabinet minister appearances on other breakfast shows & holding them/you to account that way.”

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