Gordon Brown claims no deal Brexit will thwart UK vaccine hopes and spark ‘WAR’ with EU

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The prospect of a no deal Brexit has raised concerns that some of the coronavirus vaccine supplies might be held up. The Pfizer vaccine in particular, which was one of the first to announce that it could be 90 percent effective, has its manufacturing site is located in Belgium. Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown warned ITV’s Good Morning Britain that exiting the European Union without a deal would lead to “chaos” in this area.

Mr Brown said: “This was a problem we expected with the flu vaccine because so much of our medical equipment and supplies actually do come from mainland Europe.

“It’s really important that we don’t have a no deal otherwise he’s going to be at war with Europe and at war with America.

“President Biden has made it very clear that he won’t tolerate an American trade deal with Britain if we break the Good Friday Agreement.

“So there’s a lot at stake and I hope we can get an agreement soon.”

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