Gordon Ramsay brutally ignored by lookalike son Oscar as he tries to get tot’s attention on Cornwall beach – The Sun

GORDON Ramsay got brutally pied by his youngest child Oscar as he tried to get the tot’s attention.

The family were taking a stroll on a Cornwall beach together but the littlest Ramsay was far more interested in throwing the sand about than what his famous dad was doing.

Looking absolutely adorable in a blue and white striped swimsuit, Oscar, one, strutted about over the sand on his gorgeous little legs.

Gordon, 53, tried desperately to get his attention but the tot wasn’t having any of it – just like his strong-willed dad.

Oscar, who looks just like his dad, waved his arms about Gordon said: “Excuse me, excuse me!”

At one point the celebrity chef finally managed to get his attention but it didn’t last for long.

One quick glance and the toddler was off again grabbing sand and brutally ignoring his dad.

It’s not clear exactly when the video was taken as it seemed as though Gordon had travelled 246 miles back to London from Cornwall.

The mammoth journey comes after a feud with his neighbours over him relocating to his second home.

The TV chef moved his family to his £4million coastal mansion last month – when people could be fined for any non-essential travel, and urged not to stay in their second homes.

The journey between the two is a long slog of 246 miles by road and a five hour car journey.

But Gordon made it back to his London townhouse in Wandsworth this week, where he announced the reopening of his restaurant.

Gordon, 53, kept quiet on how he'd made it from A to B but insisted his lockdown experience had been a "nightmare".

He told fans: "Hi guys it's Gordon, I've got some really exciting news.

"I know this lockdown has been a nightmare for absolutely all of us but, tomorrow at midday we're going to open for an amazing BBQ at The Narrow.

"The most amazing burgers, great ice creams, ciders, beers and wines.At midday on Friday. Can't wait to see you. Enjoy."

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