Gordon Ramsay's £10 chocolate tofu pudding mocked by fans as they joke it looks like 'a brown paper bag'

GORDON Ramsay's newest dessert has been pooh-poohed by fans – who reckoned it looked like a pile of dog mess.

The celebrity chef, 53, posted a video of the chocolate tofu pudding at his Lucky Cat restaurant calling it "absolutely beautiful".

But some amateur restaurant critics didn't agree, with one delivering the Ramsay-style putdown: "Looks like poo 💩💩💩."

Gordon's vid, which he posted on his Facebook page, saw the £10 dessert being put together, starting with a large spiral of brown mousse.

A scoop of chocolate balls were then scattered on top – and topped with an edible treat that looked very much like a paper bag.

One follower told the chef: "I'm sure it tastes delicious but the white stuff and the brown sheet do not look appetizing."

Another wasn't feeling quite so charitable, calling it: "Dog poo topped with rabbit poo, covered in lard and greasy paper bag."

A third roared: "Looks like my grandpa’s colostomy bag!"

One other said it resembled "a single scoop of ice cream with fly paper on top" served on "a hospital tray".

However, not everyone was unsure, with one follower raving: "Looks amazing, beautifully presented. That's made me hungry!"

Another insisted: "The clip ended before they melted that chocolate sheet over the tofu."

The Sun revealed earlier this month that Gordon is set to open his own cookery school in Surrey next year.

The Gordon Ramsay Academy in Woking would train up a new generation of British chefs – who could even end up in the star's restaurants.

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