Hannah Brown Trolled Tyler Cameron for Losing 'The Bachelorette'

Bachelor Nation must be having a full-on meltdown right now because Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron have been trolling each other all week long. Before fans lost all their chill and started Venmoing Tyler funds to buy Hannah an engagement ring (y’all know he has his own money, right?), Hannah roasted him on his own Instagram Live. Not gonna lie, the whole thing was so good yet so cringey because that’s just the nature of video chats with terrible WiFi.

Hannah is a major Alabama fan, so when they started joking about which college has the better football team, Hannah came for Tyler and was like, “What did you ever win?,” an obvious reference to how she picked Jed Wyatt over him during The Bachelorette.

Click through to watch the awkward jokes that didn’t really land because there was no signal and the moment Hannah came for Tyler.

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LIVE part 3! Hannah mocks the boys’ live (legit) and played 2 roses and a thorn, talking about her day. Matt teases TC about an Alabama shirt and Hannah gets in the best zinger of the night about Tyler never winning anything…which he points out goes with his tweet last night, and clarified it was about the show, not HB. Then they discussed the Hannah B-Hive of HB fans that go overboard “protecting” Hannah, and she says she wishes they aren’t like that. 💀 Then they discussed her new gifs… I’m telling you-this live made our entire week. All three were so excited to talk to each other, and Austin was funny af in the background. BEST OF ALL-Brown Bear scared the boys to death! Credit: @mattjames919 @brownbearvisuals #tylercameron #tylerc #thebachelor #tannah #hannahbrown #hannahb #thebachelorette #hannahandtyler #bachelornation #quarantine #jupiterflorida #motivation #quarantineworkout #thequarantinecrew #quarantineandchill #quarantinelife #brownbearvisuals #mattjames #qanda #bestiesforlife

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This also comes one day after Tyler tweeted “been there done that” that when he pulled a Monopoly card that said he won “second prize in a beauty contest.”

Lol been there done that pic.twitter.com/OK8YraBvyN

Unfortunately one of their other friends was playing a prank on them at the same time Hannah roasted Tyler, so we didn’t get to see the guys’ actual reactions in the moment, but when they regrouped they were like, “Hannah, that was good!”

During the same IG Live, Tyler’s friend Matt James joked that Tyler sleeps in an Alabama shirt every night, but Tyler shut that down really quick and was like, “This is what I’m going to use to plug the hole in the boat.”

Savages. All of them!

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