'Harley Quinn' Season 3: When Will the Show Return on HBO Max?

Harley Quinn was a surprise fan-favorite on the now-defunct DC Comics streaming service, DC Universe. Amidst high-profile live-action originals like Titans and Doom Patrol, the raunchy, adult-oriented animated show found a passionate following thanks to its strong sense of humor and loveable characters.

Most of the originals from the DC Universe slate will continue on other platforms and networks and Harley Quinn is no exception. The series was officially renewed for a third season in September, according to TVLine, which will stream exclusively on HBO Max. But when exactly can fans expect to see more bloody hijinks from their favorite Harley-Poison-Ivy power couple?

Will ‘Harley Quinn’ Return in 2021?

Harley Quinn first premiered on DC Universe in November 2019, building up a groundswell of critical and fan praise over its 13-episode run. As the show was initially picked up for two seasons, the second round was able to premiere straight away in April 2020, making it a highlight of the early pandemic era.

The animated take on classic Batman mythology stars Big Bang Theory‘s Kaley Cuoco as Harley Quinn and sees the fan-favorite character striking out on her own after being mistreated and devalued by the Joker (Alan Tudyk). Along the way, she’s joined by her best friend, Poison Ivy (Lake Bell), as well as silly new takes on the DC villains, King Shark (Ron Funches), Clayface (Tudyk), and Dr. Psycho (Tony Hale).

Harley Quinn was added to HBO Max in August 2020, not long after its second season concluded. DC Universe was transitioned to a comics-only service in January, with most of the service’s slate of original shows set to continue on HBO Max. The only exceptions were Stargirl, which will continue on The CW, and Swamp Thing, which was canceled after one season.

Justin Halpern, the co-creator of Harley Quinn, recently appeared on the Masters of None podcast and touched on when viewers can expect the third season to premiere.

“I think it’ll probably come out either the very end of [2021] or the beginning of [2022],” Halpern said. “Just because animation takes so long.”

Halpern revealed a few things that fans can expect next season

Halpern shared a few more tidbits about what fans can expect from the new round of Harley Quinn episodes. The co-creator said that the third season would feature a standalone Joker episode, similar to the standalone Batman episode from season two. He also said that an episode would feature another trip into the mind of an unspecified character, one that he thinks will be “really, really special” for fans.

He also shared an interesting “wish list” of guest stars he’d like to see eventually appear on Harley Quinn at some point in the future.

“I really wanna have a group of three supervillains together that are [voiced by] Nathan Fielder, John Wilson from How To with John Wilson, and Joe Pera,” Halpern said. “A bunch of villains who have these really meek, kind of like old men voices.”

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