Holly Willoughby forgets social distancing rules on This Morning

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield have been social-distancing while presenting This Morning, ensuring they don’t flout the government guidelines amid the coronavirus pandemic.

However, despite keeping two metres away from one another for the last few weeks, Holly, 39, seemed to forget the rules during today’s show.

The pair were taking part in a science experiment at the end of the instalment, when Phil got confused over the instructions

‘I don’t know how to do that…,’ the 58-year-old told his co-host as they took on the challenge of floating paper clips in water.

Holly naturally ran over to help him out, to which he screamed: ‘No, don’t get so close, get back!

‘Get back in your own area!’

‘Two metres, two metres,’ she replied as she rushed back to her section.

Viewers watching on from home were divided over the scenes, with some branding them ‘unacceptable’.

One fumed: ’SO lemme get this straight I’ve not been allowed to see my pals for 10 weeks but Holly and Phil doing s**t science experiments on This Morning while breaking social distancing is “essential”??? not acceptable @thismorning.’

While another posted: ’Nice #SocialDistancing Holly and Phil ! @thismorning #thismorning.’

A follower replied: ‘Here comes the uproar and internet trolls. Holly just got caught up in the excitement of science and forgot the social distancing rules as she ran over to Phil. Awkward. @thismorning.’

‘The whole country just freaked out at @thismorning and Holly forgetting about social distancing @Schofe dashing away; they make my day,’ a Twitter user added.

Under the current lockdown restrictions, members of the public are only allowed to have contact with those inside their household.

When leaving the house, people must adhere to strict procedures – including keeping a distance of two metres from others.

This Morning continues on weekdays, at 10am, on ITV.

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