Homes Under the Hammer's Martin Roberts exclaims 'what's going on?!' after spotting glaring problem with house

MARTIN Roberts was left speechless after walking into an end-of-terrace four-bed home in Blackpool as it had no roof.

The TV host said he was left "concerned" by the inside of the home, which had a guide price of £56,000 and needed "a bit of work" by its owners.

Martin noticed that while the home was "spacious" and with "lots of light coming through", another flaw saw the flooring on a complete slant.

As he introduced the property, he told the camera crew: "In its day, which my guess is 1900 when these were built, this would've been a really grand property.

"And you get that impression when you walk through the front door, little porch area there, then through into the entrance.

"Apart from the stairway being boxed in a really slightly questionable way, you immediately get a really nice sense of space.

"Similarly with your front room there, big grand space," he said before beginning to list the "big problems" going on – he exclaimed "what's going on?" as he walked in further.

"I don't know what is going on with the floor, it's sloped upwards which isn't generally the way you want the floor to be," he sarcastically remarked. "Flat is generally the norm."

As for the upstairs, the issues continued on the upper floors, which boasted three large bedrooms and an attic room.

"You come up another set of stairs to this, what was originally the attic of the property and it has been converted," Martin detailed.

"It does create a nice sized space, but when you come up here, you realise there's another thing you're going to have to."

He pointed at the underside of the slates of the roof, as there was no insulation or felt to separate the roof from the inside of the home.

"There's no insulation, not even any felt," he explained. "So putting those two things back is something you're definitely going to have to factor in.

"A bit of work to be done to sort this place out but it's a substantial house in a good location to secure."

The home went under the hammer and was sold for £60,000 to a lady called Natasha, who planned to keep and renovate it for her family.

“We wanted a bit of a challenge,” Natasha told Martin. “We can make it how we want and put our stamp on it.” 

The family detailed their plans of knocking down the inside walls to create a "nice big kitchen-diner and living space".

Natasha planned to spend no more than £15,000 to renovate the house.

Homes Under the Hammer airs weekdays at 10am on BBC One. 

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