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SHE was brutally eliminated from high stakes game show Rise and Fall after being thrown under the bus by her fellow competitors but 18 year old Marina Pownall has now spilled all on the moments that you don't get to see on screen.

Marina certainly made an impression on the new popular Channel 4 show after managing to work her way up from the deep depths of the basement to Ruler status at the top of the penthouse.

However, the TV star has now admitted that there are some particualrly precious moments that happen away from the cameras once night has fallen.

Speaking after her exit from the show, Marina exclusively told The Sun what the contestants get up to once the sun has gone down.

Marina said: "The penthouse and the luxury was amazing.

"The view from the penthouse was truly beautiful."

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Marina admitted that when the show's players were not being forced into making difficult decisions in the Red Room that they would simply take in the views and watch the world go by as they stared out onto the city of London.

She told us: "Sometime we would all just stand on the balcony and just observe the world.

"It was so beautiful."

Marina also said that she was unaware of just exactly how the twists of the show would play out before she signed up to the programme.

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I was on Rise and Fall, here's everything producers hid from us before filming

However, she admitted that each of the show's shocking twists and turns were kept secret from participants before heading into the programme in order to get across their genuine reactions on screen.

Marina further divulged: "The fun part for me, is that the twists and turns are so unexpected.

"You know on Love Island how you have Casa Amor and it is almost a given and it isn't that much of a plot twist – with Rise and Fall everything was a proper plot twist!

"It was nice having that unexpected element but we knew enough [going in]."

Marina added to The Sun of her shock at the twists once in the tower, she said: "I definitely didn't think that when you were in the penthouse that the only way is exiting.

"I thought going in that you could be at the top and then you'd fall tothe basement and then maybe rise again and fall back – a bit more fluid."

Rise and Fall continues Monday at 10pm on Channel 4 and All 4.

Catch up with the series so far on All 4.

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