Ice Cube Confessed, 'I Couldn’t Pass Up a Chance to Work With John Carpenter' on 'Ghosts of Mars'

Ice Cube has solidified his status as a Hollywood heavyweight with three decades of big-screen blockbusters under his belt. Although he is a fan-favorite of movie lovers, one of his films, Ghosts of Mars, garnered a lukewarm reception from audiences. Here is what Ice Cube had to say about why he took the role.

What is ‘Ghosts of Mars’ about?

John Carpenter co-wrote and directed Ghosts of Mars, afuturistic sci-fi horror film that takes place on the Red Planet. Set in theyear 2025, a cop is ordered to transport a convict to a new location. But the routineprisoner transfer goes awry when the town inhabitants begin to act strangely.It turns out that the townsfolk have been body-snatched by an ancient Martian civilization.Predictably, the cop and the inmate must join forces to stay alive.

What do fans think about the film?

Carpenter helmed such films as Halloween, The Fog, and TheThing. So, when Ghosts of Mars premiered in 2001, horror buffs hadhigh expectations. Unfortunately, neither fans nor critics appeared to enjoythe film at the time of its release; and not even Ice Cube’s witty one-linersand unmatched charisma could save it from poor reviews.

Ghosts of Mars is rated rotten on Rotten Tomatoes, with only 22% of critics giving the movie a positive review. The reaction from moviegoers wasn’t much better, with only 24% of the audience rating Ghosts of Mars more than 3.5 stars. Despite the abysmal reception, there is a camp of supporters who appreciate the film.

“I remember liking this movie. Am I weird or something?,” pondered one Twitter follower.

“I don’t know why people hate this movie. It’s fun to watch,”tweetedanother fan.

“Cult classic. This movie rules,” wrote another.

What motivated Ice Cube to get involved?

Ice Cube played the role of the prison inmate, James ‘Desolation’Williams, in Ghosts of Mars. With critically acclaimed films like Boyzn the Hood, 21 Jump Street, and Friday in his repertoire, Ghostsof Mars remains one of his lowest rated features to date.

With that in mind, fans may wonder what motivated the movie starto take the role. The actor recently revealed what attracted him to the project.

Ice Cube tweeted a photo from Ghosts of Mars with the caption, “I only did this movie cause I couldn’t pass up a chance to work with John Carpenter.” Some fans agree that no other incentive was necessary.

“[It was the] only reason you needed. The movie is underrated honestly,” chimed in one enthusiast.

You made the right choice, Cube,” tweeted another.

“I love this movie, and you’re good in it! Campy horror never goes out of style,” yet another fan wrote.

Is ‘Ghosts of Mars’ available to stream?

Fans who want to revisit Ghosts of Mars are in luck. Thefilm is streaming now on Crackle. It is also available to rent or purchase onvarious platforms, including Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, and iTunes.

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