I’m A Celeb castle in Wales is ‘haunted by galloping horses’ says ex-caretaker

A man who lived alone at the I'm A Celebrity castle has warned contestants of ghostly galloping horses.

Steve Weightman watched over Gwrych Castle in north Wales in the mid 1970s when he lived in a flat at the Grade I listed building.

And he witnessed some spooky goings-on including the sound of singing and an army of ghoulish galloping horses.

He also claimed that he found a bath seemingly running itself plus newspapers and wallpaper moving before his eyes.

Former jouster Steve, 68, said he was so plagued by odd happenings that he once ran from his home and didn’t return until the next morning.

Speaking ahead of the ITV series, Steve said: “I would rent the place through the summer while I did the jousting and I was kept on in the winter months to look after the place.”

He added: “I was clearing out in the side room, there were lots of old newspapers and bits of old wall-paper. When I got into bed, I could hear this rustling noise in my room.

“The papers had moved about a foot off the floor and were moving up the wall.

“I was so terrified I had to get out of the room and I waited outside until it was daylight.”

Mr Weightman told of another time when he heard the sound of “people laughing and joking” coming from the bar in the middle of the night – despite it being locked and closed to the public.

He also recalled the time his old pal Tom died at the same time as one of the jouster’s horses. Mr Weightman said: “He was one of the original butlers at the castle.

“I went to find Tom to tell him the news (about the horse). I found him sitting on the top of the main stairwell, leaning against the wall, dead.”

Meanwhile, a new drone image has shown the layout of the show’s campsite.

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