Innocent viewers vindicated after predicting Sam was Matty's killer – but did you spot all the clues?

INNOCENT viewers were left vindicated after predicting Sam was Matty's killer – but did you spot all the clues?

While some fans were left confused as several characters were thrown into the mix, with secrets and lies revealed, several pointed the finger at Sam.

Actress Katherine Kelly led the cast as English teacher Sally Wright, who was wrongly imprisoned over the teen's death.

Many ITV viewers were proven right after a shock twist last night saw Samunveiled as Matty's killer after it was revealed he'd been having an affair with the schoolboy.

Eagle-eyed viewers may have spotted some telling signs that it was Jamie Bamber's character all along.

During the series, Sam was adamant that his ex-wife was innocent and convinced that Sally and Matty were not sleeping together.

Despite all the evidence pointing towards Sally's guilt, Sam told the police that he did not believe the affair rumours.

Upon her release, he told Sally that he never thought she was guilty, even after the trial – hinting that he surely must have known who the real killer was.

Meanwhile, viewers were baffled that Sam had moved on so quickly after Sally's imprisonment.

Sam had got together with school governor Karen Moss' shortly after Sally was found guilty – suggesting that he never really loved his wife in the first place.

Another huge clue surrounded his denial of ever meeting Matty, despite the fact that he was seen to have visited his and Sally's home on multiple occasions.

Troubled Anna Stamp, who had an obsession with Matty, admitted that she had stalked the schoolkid and seen him visiting Sally's home many times.

It was clear that Matty was actually going there to see Sam and not Sally as previously claimed.

Armchair sleuths were also quick to pick up on Sam's suspicious alibi that had holes in it.

Probation officer Sam had convinced client Aaron to not discuss their "fake meetings" – in reality, Sam was sneaking off to see Matty.

Viewers grew even more suspicious when he threatened Aaron in the concluding episode.

Another red flag was Sam's reaction when his fiancé Karen confessed her whereabouts on the night of Matty's murder.

Sam headed straight to the police station to expose her lies, hinting that he was framing his fiancée.

He was happy for someone else he supposedly loved to take the fall for his crime, just like he did to Sally.

Another major clue took us back to the first episode – Karen seduced Sam on the staircase and then made a rather strange remark.

A viewer took to Twitter to share their theory: “Did I hear right when the new partner said to sally's ex husband about sticking by him through what ever he’s done?? WHY do I feel like he’s guilty and hiding something!? #innocent #itv @ITV.”

Many fans were left pleased with themselves after correctly identifying Sam as the murderer.

Viewers patted themselves on the back after suspecting Sam, with one writing: "It was so obvious that it was Sam…brilliant ending though. #innocent"

Another posted: "I had a feeling it was Sam when Anna said she saw Matty going to Sally's house. It was Sam he was going to see, not Sally."

A third shared: "I am so happy it was Sam, I knew from the first episode, he was acting shifty."

Earlier on in the episode, Karen was questioned about her altercation with Matty, after they found crucial DNA evidence on his body matching her.

Karen's daughter Beth later confessed to his murder to save her mum, unknowing that the true killer was her stepdad Sam.

In the final instalment, Sally found a vital piece of evidence that pointed the blame at Sam.

She uncovered a note etched on the back of a photo,that read: "You said you loved me but you wont speak to me, if you don't come I'll tell Sally, I mean it Sam."

Sam had a secret relationship with Matty before killing the teenager in anger when he threatened to tell Sally about them.

The police found out that Sam had paid for an Amazon gift card for Matty and Sally discovered a writing imprint on the back of a photograph, revealing that Matty had sent a threatening note to Sam.

Sam tearfully confessed to Sally that he had always been gay but had been too ashamed to come out.

Following a dramatic arrest, Sally decided to finally leave her childhood hometown of Keswick.

But is there a romance in store for Sally and DI Mike Braithwaite?

The pair shared moment together as they bonded over loss and coming out of prison.

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