Inside Tempest Storm's wild love life as burlesque icon had steamy affairs with JFK, Elvis & more before her death at 93

INSIDE Tempest Storm's wild love life as the burlesque icon had steamy affairs with John F. Kennedy, Elvis Presley and more before her death at 93.

The Last Queen of Burlesque was also close friends with Marilyn Monroe and Bettie Page.

Tempest became a huge figure in the burlesque world and by 1956, was the highest highest-paid performer ever with a 10-year contract at $100,000 at the Bryan-Engels burlesque production company.

But after rising to fame, Tempest scored some pretty powerful men and added them to her list of conquests.

John Becker

One of Tempest's husband was John Becker, who was her manager before she rose to fame.

According to Oregon Live, John was a former burlesque straight man who had worked under the name Johnny Del Mar.

He would label his wife the "5 Dimension Girl" in splashy newspaper ads

Elvis Presley

During a 2013 interview, Tempest opened up about her relationship with the King of Rock.

“Elvis the Pelvis,” she told local news outlet WQAD8..

“It was 1956. I was appearing at The Dunes Hotel in Las Vegas, which is now the Bellagio. We had a burlesque review and he came to see the show.

"He came over and sat down – he had the most beautiful eyes – and we got into a relationship and it was absolutely fantastic. He was a real Southern gentleman. Very polite.”

President John F. Kennedy

Before his alleged affair with Marilyn Monroe, JFK also had an alleged affair with the burlesque dancer.

Their alleged romance began way before he became president.

“I met him in 1957 when he was a senator. It was a great relationship. He was a great man in his politics and everything," she claimed.

"I hadn’t seen him for years, and the last time I saw him, I said, ‘You’re going to be president,’ and he said, ‘I hope you’re right!’"

Herb Jeffries

Tempest actually married her fourth husband in 1959, two years after her alleged affair with JFK.

At the time, their relationship was considered controversial as interracial relationships were still frowned upon.

Tempest lost many job opportunities and even friends abandoned her for her choice to marry Herb.

The couple divorced in 1967 and produced one daughter, Patricia.

Sadly, Tempest and her daughter were estranged by the time of her death.

Mickey Rooney

Though it's unclear when Tempest and Mickey had an affair, she did reveal that he and his wife at the time would come to see her shows.

The actor had had a total of eight wives throughout his life.

"To me it was entertaining. We used to get a lot of couples. The wives would love seeing the costumes and the production numbers," Tempest said.

"That was their risque night out."

Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong, the trumpeter and vocalist, was said to be one of her many suitors before she married Herb in 1957.

Though not much is known about their relationship, it was said that her many suitors were a concern to her potential agency at the time, MGM.

Mickey Cohen

The gangster, Mickey Cohen, had a thing for burlesque dancers as he dated Tempest before dating two other burlesque dancers.

Though again, not much is known about their relationship, they dated in the 1950s.

Sammy Davis Jr.

The only thing that is really known about Tempest and dancer Sammy Davis Jr. was that they had an encounter at some point in time after he pursued her in the '50s.

Nat King Cole

Though jazz singer Nat King was more of a close friend, it is common knowledge that the two were romantically involved during Tempest's stardom.

Vic Damone

Singer and actor Vic Damone was also one of the many men that Tempest had an affair with.

Russ Meyer

The burlesque dancer appeared in one of director Russ Meyer's early films and this is when their alleged love affair took place.

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