Is HBO Max Available On Amazon Or Roku Devices Yet? Here's What We Know

HBO Max has officially, but not everyone has access to it. The latest streaming service isn’t available on two of the biggest platforms. Neither Roku nor Amazon’s Fire TV systems have dedicated apps, so you’ll have to turn to a computer, console, or phone if those are what you use on your television.

As reported by GameSpot’s sister site CNET, there are no dedicated apps for HBO Max on either Roku or Amazon’s Fire products, but it is available on several others. These include PS4, Xbox One, Apple TV, Android TV, web browsers, select smart TVs, iOS, and Android.

The Cinemax app–HBO and Cinemax share the same parent company, WarnerMedia–is also unavailable on Roku devices, so it’s possible it could be a while before HBO Max makes its way to the platform, if it arrives at all.

HBO Max will eventually be the exclusive home of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, which fans have called the “Snyder Cut” due to its differences from the theatrical version finished by Joss Whedon. It also features its own selection of exclusive shows, as well as big names like South Park and the Studio Ghibli library. It costs $15 per month, and is free to HBO Now subscribers.

You can learn everything there is to know about HBO Max using our explainer guide, and we have a list of every original show available on launch day. You can also see what the app looks like on other platforms.

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