Isabel Oakeshott skewers Turkey farmers claim of labour slump I emailed you for a job!

Turkey farm exposed by Oakeshott for no job advertising

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Isabel Oakeshott was praised for her no-nonsense attack on a turkey farmer who appeared on Good Morning Britain claiming he was struggling to find staff. Farmer Paul Kelly told the programme he has seen disruptions to his business because there is a shortage of staff and did not have enough packers to send his good to retailers. But Ms Oakeshott left him speechless after she exposed his company for not advertising any jobs, adding she has been in contact with Mr Kelly’s company and Mr Kelly himself looking for work but has not heard a reply.

Mr Kelly appeared on Good Morning Britain and said he and many other farmers were being forced to cull their animals.

He explained pigs and chickens were being killed because there are not enough staff to pack them to be sold in shops.

The farmer said it was the “only reason” for the shortages and suggested Brexit was the reason for the shortfall.

Mr Kelly added “they were here last year” before pointing out he now had shortages.

But Ms Oakeshott who was on as a guest could be seen shaking her head at Mr Kelly’s assessment.

She told the show: “I am absolutely intrigued as to where you advertise your jobs because when I found out I was going to be debating you today I tried to get a job at your farm.

“I looked high and low, I’ve searched the internet for vacancies at your company.

“I cannot find a single advert to work on your farm.

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“I took it a step further, I actually rang up your company and I asked your people whether they have any jobs going.

“They didn’t know and they suggested I emailed you.”

Ms Oakeshott added she did email Mr Kelly but has not heard anything back from him.

She concluded if he was so desperate for workers then perhaps he should advertise his roles better.

Mr Kelly was left stunned and scrambling for a reply as Ms Oakeshott exposed him on live TV.

The farmer came back and suggested if she really wanted to work on the farm she was welcome to join him for a few days.

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The UK has seen supply chain issues and some labour shortages in recent weeks after some retail shelves have been seen empty due to shortages of HGV drivers. 

Some seasonal industries like farming have reported a shortfall in labour with some blaming Brexit as the reason.

New immigration rules have made it more difficult for people to come and work in the UK meaning many industries reliant on cheaper European labour have lost out.

The result has caused some companies to increase their wages to attract British workers to address the shortfall.

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