Joe Swash says living with Stacey Solomon is like ‘living with a dictator’ as they argue over her ‘labelling everything’ – The Sun

JOE Swash said that living with Stacey Solomon is like "living with a dictator" as they argued on Celebrity Gogglebox this evening.

The 38-year-old star was grumbling about his 30-year-old girlfriend "labelling everything" after they started bickering over the way he closed the freezer.

In tonight's episode of the Channel 4 show, the couple could be seen in the kitchen behind their sofa getting drinks to have while watching the telly.

After a loud clatter, Stacey scolded Joe for not shutting the freezer drawer before closing the door, with Joe claiming that "things don't last five minutes" with her.

Stacey mocked her partner as she replied: "Let's put the ice in the drawer I've clearly labelled meat, that's a fantastic idea.

"Then I won't shut the door properly, and then I'll break the freezer so the labels are worthless anyway."

Joe snapped back: "Honestly, I hate labels – you put labels on everything; there's labels on the cups, labels on the plates…"

Stacey interrupted: "And yet you still can not put things in the right labels."

Exasparated Joe then retorted: "No, I am not going to live my life by your labels.

"Honestly, it's like living with a dictator.

"Everything's got a place, everything's got to go somewhere."

Stacey was clearly stunned by her partner's comment, replying: "I'm hardly Stalin – I just want you to put the meat in the right drawer!"

Earlier in today's show, Stacey offended her boyfriend when she called him a "stay at home dad".

The pair were filmed watching a programme that featured a dentist, doctor, and the dad – with Stacey saying "that can be you" at the latter.

But Joe was unimpressed, asking: "What the hell? Why am I not the denist or the doctor?"

Stacey reasoned: "Because you're not a dentist or a doctor?"

The ex-EastEnders star snapped back: "Well I'm not a stay at home dad!"

His girlfriend laughed as she replied: "Well… At the moment you're at home, you're a dad."

Clearly irritated, Joe argued: "Only because I've got no choice in the matter!"

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