Josie Gibson issues apology after terrifying This Morning guest

Pride of Britain: Josie Gibson surprises police officers live-on-air

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This Morning presenter Josie Gibson stunned PCs Leon Mittoo and James Willetts on Friday morning by revealing they had won this year’s Emergency Services Award for their heroic efforts to prevent a knife attack in West Bromwich. However, the surprise didn’t go quite as planned because the officers were clearly shocked when an unexpected confetti cannon caused chaos on the ITV morning show.

PC Mittoo admitted he thought a bomb might have gone off in the West Bromwich police station when Josie paid them an unexpected visit.

Josie snuck in through the corridors before surprising Leon and James in a meeting room.

They received a huge round of applause from their colleagues, and Leon put his hand over his mouth when he realised he was live on TV.

A few seconds later, Josie let out a huge jump when yellow confetti exploded all over the room.

After congratulating them on their award, she told the officers: “We’ve been hiding out there.

“I’ve been so nervous! Do you know what it’s like trying to be inconspicuous in a police station?”

Leon removed his glasses to wipe his eyes as he laughed off the situation.

“I thought there was a bomb, or something!” he exclaimed, which made Josie burst into laughter.

She then apologised: “We’re so sorry about the confetti cannon.”

Some viewers also took to social media to question whether setting off the party prop in a police station was a sensible idea on ITV’s part.

Jay Baker asked: “Who’s idea was it to set off a party cannon near police officers unexpectedly? Surprised Josie didn’t get rugby tackled.”

And @mostlystupid tweeted: “I’m not sure it’s the best idea to let off a f*****g massive party cannon around police officers.”

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While @FlopsyPickle claimed: “They were clapping before she even got in the room, you also can’t just sneak into a police station.”

James and Leon have been lauded as heroes after putting their lives in danger to stop a knife attack in West Bromwich earlier this year.

Brothers Parminder and Maninder Hunjan were cleared of attempted murder but were convicted for other crimes following the attack. (is this factually accurate)?

The officers admitted they “thought they were going to die”, and have now been recognised by This Morning’s Pride of Britain award for their heroic deeds.

Back in the studio, guest Carol Vorderman was clearly impressed by Leon and James’ efforts.

“These people are all about decency, about goodness, about kindness, and about bravery and courage and I wish some of them were running the country to be perfectly honest,” she said.

“Or had some major part in it – that’s what we need in the House of Parliament at the moment.”

This Morning airs weekdays from 10am on ITV.

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