Justin Bieber slammed by fans for ‘cultural appropriation’ after singer debuts dreadlocks

JUSTIN Bieber was slammed by his fans as they accused him of "cultural appropriation."

The backlash comes as the singer debuted his new dreadlocks.

The 27-year-old took to Instagram on Monday morning to share a selfie that showed him sporting the dreadlocks.

The Baby singer also gave fans a look at his new hairstyle on Sunday, which included a series of full body shots of him wearing a pink and black checkered shirt and red shorts.

A number of fans took to the comments sections of Justin's new posts to slam him for getting dreadlocks, as many deemed the move as a form of "cultural appropriation."

One Instagram user wrote: "It's really disappointing to see you with dreads, I thought you educated yourself."

Another added: "Justin baby… what in the world. No sir."

A third chimed in: "justin, not the cultural appropriation :/"

The criticisms continued as another Instagram user commented: "Why did u do this!!!! This ain't it."

A following person wrote: "Didn't you say you were educating yourself about black culture so what is this foolery."

An additional critic added: "J, please educate yourself on culture appropriation… You shouldn't be wearing dreads… with love."

Justin has earned his fair share of criticism in the past for making offensive remarks.

The singer married wife Hailey Baldwin, 24, in 2018.

Back in March, Justin credited Hailey for saving him when he was in "a really bad place" last year.

As part of an exclusive playback session to mark the launch of his sixth album Justice, the star revealed the last 12 months have brought a host of behind-the-scenes challenges which saw him become “unstable."

In a gushing tribute to Hailey, he explained: “One of the tracks on the album is called Unstable, and for me it’s a really emotional song because I was in a really, really bad place — maybe a year ago.

"Fortunately my wife was just there for me through it all and so the whole message of the song is ‘You loved me when I was unstable.'

“She really held me down and, you know, just continued to love me through a really challenging, hard season that I’d been in — so the person in the song, that was me.

“It really resonates to where I was at. I think there’s probably a lot of other people who have been in this same position, and my goal has always been to be relatable.

“To make music that can speak to everybody, or at least speak to most people.”

He added: “There’s a balance between being in love but also being human and having those moments of feeling unstable and wondering, ‘Will things ever get back to normal?’

“I think it’s important for me to not only talk about the lovey- dovey stuff — which is very much a part of my life right now — but talk about some of the struggles."

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