Kate Garraway has gone through 'the darkest time' but 'thinks herself lucky as Derek is still alive', says Clare Nasir

KATE Garraway has gone through "the darkest time" but still considers herself lucky that ill husband Derek is alive, says her best friend Clare Nasir.

GMB star Kate has endured a hellish year after Derek was struck down by coronavirus last March, and subsequent complications left him in a coma.

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But through it all Kate has impressed her friends with her resolve and positivity.

Speaking to Closer, meteorologist Clare said: "Kate doesn't think of the negatives of how unlucky her situation is – she more thinks, 'wow, he's survived when so many haven't…

"These last few months have been some of the darkest times for Kate but, incredibly, she's stayed so strong and positive – hope is what drives her through."

However, there could be difficult times ahead as lockdown restrictions are eased, warns Clare.

She said: "While she's obviously delighted that it seems we may be beating this virus in some way and deaths and cases are dropping, the lifting of lockdown and things opening up will be a constant reminder that life is moving on and things are getting better – but not for her."

But Clare, along with Kate's GMB co-star Ben Shephard, has vowed to do all she can to help once she's allowed to visit Kate's home.

Last night Kate's ITV documentary, Finding Derek, aired.

In it she shared the first time husband Derek showed emotion following months in intensive care.

Derek is the longest surviving coronavirus inpatient in the UK, and the documentary gave intimate insight into the family's struggle.

On Derek's 219th day in hospital, Kate sat on her bed with her phone in her hand.

"Right, I'm going to find the first day he showed emotion, which is a big breakthrough," she told the documentary makers.

Wearing black rimmed glasses, Derek looked a bit confused as Kate asks him "do your muscles ache?"

After a delay, Derek eventually nodded and mouthed 'yes'.

The video continued with Kate saying, "you haven't used them in so long, it's going to be so hard, but you're doing brilliantly".

As she paid her husband the compliment, Derek burst into tears. An emotional Kate said "so brilliant, I'm so proud of you".


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She continued: "You're clawing yourself out of this so amazingly darling, I love you so much, I'm so proud of you, you're just fantastic."

As she switched off the phone, Kate turned to the camera and said: "That's the first time he'd shown any emotion, which is huge, but I think he has to find the confidence to get through it."

"But he's definitely present, you can see it in his eyes. Everytime you can see a little bit more of him," she adds.

"Even though obviously, there's no sound, and you can see how hard he is concentrating as well.

"The question now is, what is coming back?"


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