Katie Price devastated as new puppy Rolo dies in tragic accident – five months after her Alsatian is killed by a car

KATIE Price and her family were devastated today after Princess's puppy Rolo died in a tragic accident.

The 42-year-old reality star bought her daughter the adorable dog for her 13th birthday earlier this month.

A source told The Sun Online that he had been discovered at their Surrey home after a shockingly sad accident.

They explained: "Rolo was found dead by Harvey's carer and they had to phone Katie to break the news.

"Katie is devastated and heartbroken and had to call Princess and break the news. Everyone's in floods of tears.

"It was a tragic accident nobody could have foreseen – it's no-one's fault but Katie can't stop crying."

The accident happened five months after another of the family's dogs, Alsation Sparkle, was killed running into a busy road.

Mum-of-five Katie also has an Alsation called, Blade, who works as a protection dog and sleeps in the star's room.

Another dog, Queenie, died in tragic circumstances in 2018, when she was struck by a delivery diver.

Princess said she wanted to give her puppy the "best life", being seen stocking up on everything from blankets to perfume at a shop in a recent YouTube video.

She even taught him to do tricks including holding out his paw and was seen giving him a bath in a cute video last Wednesday.

The teenager named him after the chocolates, having decided not to go with her other choice, Oreo.

Princess showed him off to fans on YouTube, when she was seen lovingly bathing the puppy and showering him with kisses.

She also revealed some of the tricks he had learnt, with the dog holding out his paw.

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