Killing Eve fans fear Villanelle will abandon assassin life forever after emotional breakdown and sloppy murder

KILLING Eve fans fear Villanelle will abandon her assassin life forever after an emotional breakdown and a sloppy murder.

The character – played by Jodie Comer – never normally bats an eyelid at having to bump off a target, but in the latest episode she was seen crying in a bathroom after her latest hit.

*Spoilers ahead for season three of Killing Eve*

Villanelle had been tasked with murdering a Russian politician, but as she carried out the job in a hair salon, she hesitated for the first time.

She then got sloppy as she struggled to finish the job, with the politician managing to grab a pair of scissors and stab her in the arm before he died.

Afterwards, Villanelle tearfully told her mentor Dasha (Harriet Walter): "I don't want to do this any more".

Viewers immediately seized on the potential significance in her words and wondered if Villanelle was ready to hang up her killer heels for good.

Taking to Twitter, one fan wrote: "Villanelle actually showing emotions, being conscious and saying she doesn't want to kill anymore is so IMPORTANT."

Another tweeted: "I think villanelle is a mess right now, she doesn't really know what she wants and that's why she's starting to change and i love her [sic]."

Meanwhile a third thought Eve – played by Sandra Oh – could be the one to save Villanelle.

They wrote: "The only person who would have calmed her down and known how to properly love and comfort her is eve. she deserves so much more than this and eve sees that and knows she isn’t just a killer."

The latest episode comes after Jodie opened up about her characters development in season three.

She said: ""It becomes more apparent to me that the more we go on with each season, the more we can't stick to formulas that may have worked in season 1.

"It's hard to keep that up and it not get tedious. We have to grow with her. We have to listen to what it is she's saying and what she's experiencing."

Killing Eve is available now on BBC iPlayer.

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