Killing Eve season 3: Who wrote Killing Eve?

Killing Eve is back for a third series on BBC One and fans were excited to see Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh return as the two leading ladies. The story follows psychopathic assassin Villanelle (Comer) who develops an obsession with her target Eve (Oh) and a cat-and-mouse chase follows. The TV series is based on the Villanelle novels by Luke Jennings, with the series written by different female screenwriters.

Who wrote Killing Eve?

Killing Eve is known for its powerful female cast and this is largely thanks to a succession of talented female head writers.

Jennings wrote the original series of thriller novels, which were published as e-books back in 2014, and the series was formed on the basis of the books.

In the books, Villanelle is a Russian orphan who is rescued from prison and trained as a hitwoman by the mysterious Twelve.

She grows up to become a heartless assassin who has no regard for emotions until she becomes obsessed with MI5 agent Eve Polastri.

The critically acclaimed novels were spotted by British actor and writer Phoebe Waller-Bridge, with the first series of Killing Eve airing in 2018.


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Emerald Fennell took over as head writer for the second series, and she is an English actress, author and screenwriter. Her work on the series earned her two nominations for the Primetime Emmy Awards.

The actress was also commissioned to write a film script for the romantic comedy Chukka, and she published her first children’s fantasy book called Shiverton Hall in 2013.

She is a close friend of Waller-Bridge, who chose her to be the head writer for the second series on Killing Eve.

Her most recent work includes writing Promising Young Woman in 2019, and production began in March of that year.

In the world of acting she is known for playing Nurse Patsy Mount in Call the Midwife and Camilla Shand in The Crown.

Season three of Killing Eve was written by Suzanne Heathcote, who told she was “surprised” to have been picked for the job.

She is also a classically trained actor who spent a number of years on the stages of London before stepping back into a writing role.

Heathcote moved from London to California, where she has also been writing for shows like Fear the Walking Dead.

She said she enjoys writing female characters as the female voice is more sought out in TV shows in this day and age.

Heathcote said: “I enjoy writing female characters who are very flawed and complex and difficult, and I think those are the characters that we’re seeing more and more of. ‘Killing Eve’ is a prime example.”

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She will no doubt be passing the baton on to another female writer if another series of Killing Eve is commissioned, as is tradition.

In the meantime, fans are eager to see how she guides the characters through the third series, and viewers have already seen Villanelle is even more confused about her emotions.

Speaking about how she treads the line between comedy and being a psychopathic killer, she said: “It really comes down to Jodie’s instinct.

“She can feel perfectly how to play that line. She’ll add moments, sharing a look or a sound. It may not even be in the script.

“It might be something that’s hilariously funny and then there will be a look or a moment where you see a flash of something else within her that can be heartbreaking.”


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She admitted by the third season of a show, big risks have to be taken so viewers can experience new places and characters.

Heathcote teased what was to come in the new series, with a few characters sharing the limelight.

She said: “This season you’re going to see more of Carolyn (Fiona Shaw) and Konstantin (Kim Bodnia). We’ve broken it up so you’re going to see things from their point of view.

“You’re going to see the characters put into situations where they are challenged and having to discover themselves. They will have to navigate a new territory, new waters, emotionally and physically.

“As a result, it takes the characters places that we’ve never seen before. It’s different this season, in terms of where they go and their experiences, but it’s still got that very sly wink that Killing Eve has all the way through.”

Fans have already taken to social media to share their thoughts on the new series, with one fan saying on Twitter: “I can’t believe there are people out there who haven’t watched Killing Eve. It actually makes me sad for them.”

Killing Eve airs on BBC iPlayer on Mondays and on BBC One the following Sunday

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