Kim Kardashian's 'romance' with SNL's Pete Davidson slammed for 'trying to copy' Kourtney & Travis Barker's relationship

RUMORS of a budding relationship between Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson have some people skeptical.

Ever since Pete and Kim were spotted holding hands at a theme park, the possibly dating duo have been the talk of the town – overshadowing the engagement celebration ofsister Kourtney and drummer Travis Barker.

And some skeptics say that's all according to plan.

On Twitter, one doubter said: "Wow. She’s really trying to find a Travis Barker of her own after seeing Kourtney’s happiness. Pete Davidson is not that guy. But enjoy for a couple weeks like everyone else."

Another pointed out the similarities between the SNL star and the Blink-182 singer: "She saw Kourtney’s thin white boy and said 'I want one too.'"

A third tried to unravel the connections: "Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian are only dating because Kourtney is dating Travis Barker, and they hang out with (Machine Gun Kelly) and Megan Fox, and Kim wanted to be included in that.So she chose Pete because he is one of MGK’s best friends."

One follower cut to the chase: "Kim got just what she wanted…trending on Twitter."

On October 30, 2021, Pete, 27, and Kim, 41, made headlines when they were spotted out together with newly engaged couple, Kourtney and Travis, at Knott's Scary Farm in California.

The two held hands on a roller coaster, sparking speculation they were an item.

But a source for People magazine said that the outing was "just friends hanging out."

They also explained: "They hang in the same circles so they will be together from time to time."


Adding fuel to the fire was a steamy SNL skit the two shared when Kim hosted in October.

During the wild episode, the reality star and the King of Staten Island actor swapped spit during a parody sketch of Disney's Aladdin.

During the scene, Pete, who was dressed up as Aladdin, confessed he might not be able to handle his partner "sexually."

Kim, who played the role of Princess Jasmine, asked: "Do you feel self-conscious because I’m the daughter of a Sultan and you are just a lowly street rat? 

"Are you intimidated that I’m friends with a ton of wealthy celebrities and your only friend is a monkey?"

Pete revealed: "Jasmine, as we start getting more intimate, I’m just a little concerned that physically, I can’t handle you…

"If we go all the way, you might like break me…My thing might just break. Look at us. You’re a lot of woman and I’m so frail because all I eat is stolen bread."

He went on: "I want to do everything with you, see the world, laugh together, sing songs and do sex."

Kim responded: "Aladdin, don’t worry. I’m sure that you’re more than enough man for me."


It seems since then, Pete has been pursuing Kim outside the studio.

According to Radar, the comedian, who previously used SNL as his “personal dating service" when he met Ariana Grande, is now as going after Kim.

A source told the outlet: “Pete was more supportive than anyone in the cast when Kim hosted. 

“He went out of his way to make sure she was comfortable and even took time to privately coach Kim to make sure all her jokes landed.

While sources insisted the two are just friends, they added that Pete’s hoping that’ll eventually change.

An insider said: “Let’s just say it, Pete loves dating super famous people. He loves the attention and getting chased around by photographers. 

“With Kim he has hit the jackpot. Kim might be the only person in the planet who gets more attention than Ariana Grande."

But a friend of Kim’s reportedly told the outlet that the SNL star “just isn’t her type,” and she only sees him as a friend and nothing more.

“Pete is in heaven right now. His only problem is that Kim doesn’t want to date him.”

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