Lauren Goodger reveals pregnancy has made her lips swell as she asks why she has a plumper pout

LAUREN Goodger has revealed her lips have swollen as a result of her pregnancy.

The mum-to-be, 34, shared a screenshot of her searching 'why do lips swell in pregnancy' on Google.

It brought up pictures of celebrity mums Jacqueline Jossa, Serena Williams and Khloe Kardashian, along with an explanation reassuring women that it is perfectly normal.

Healthline's parenthood section says: "Capillary density increases during pregnancy.

"This is the theory behind the rosy cheeks of a 'pregnancy glow' — blood vessels near the surface dilating.

"And all this adds up to the possibility of increased blood flow in your lips as well, which in theory could cause a plumper, fuller, or even redder pout."

Yesterday Lauren sparked rumours she's called her unborn baby Lauliè after merging her and boyfriend Charlie's names.

The former Towie star is expecting her first child with boyfriend Charles Drury and recently revealed they are having a baby girl.

Now eagle-eyed fans have become convinced Lauren has already picked the name for her daughter after setting up an Instagram account called laulieclothing.

Lauren had previously revealed she was considering a made up name for her little girl as she wanted something "original".

The new account is followed by both Lauren and Charles, 23, and is a combination of both their names although there is no other information in the bio.

Back in February, the reality star revealed on her Instagram Stories: "The baby names that I've thought of are something original.

"It's something that I've made up, so yes, exciting. A couple of them are original."

When asked by a follower why she wasn't going to pick a "normal name", Lauren replied: "I choose to answer these annoying questions, but what do you mean?

"What's 'normal'? You don't even know what it is so you can't comment on that."

Lauren and Charles found out they were having a baby girl by popping a gender reveal balloon, which released pink confetti.

Speaking about the news, Lauren told new! magazine: "I’m a girls’ girl, so it’s amazing for me. I love the fact I’m having a little girl – my little girl.

"I can dress her how I want and do all the girly things. People say, 'I couldn’t see you with a boy.'

"But I do really want a boy as well, I’m just really happy I’m having a girl – a mini-me!"

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