Little Fires Everywhere – 6 differences between the Amazon Prime series and Celeste Ng's book

REESE Witherspoon has gone and done it again, and brought us a fabulous adaption of a best-selling book.

But like Big Little Lies, the actress' TV version of Celeste Ng's 2017 Little Fires Everywhere does differ slightly from the novel.

What are the differences between the Amazon Prime series Little Fires Everywhere and Celeste Ng's book?

WARNING: Contains MAJOR spoilers from Little Fires Everywhere

Little Fires Everywhere has only just dropped on Amazon Prime Video today (May 22, 2020) but has already got people talking.

Fans of Celeste Ng's book will be keen to know what the big changes in the show are to the novel they know and love.

Fear not, we take you through six of the major tweaks Reese made in her TV adaptation.

1) Mia has sex

In one of the earlier episodes, Mia's is seen having sex with a stranger in her car while Pearl sleeps on the backseat.

The show’s portrayal of Mia’s sexuality is very different from the book.

In Celeste's novel, Mia is portrayed as asexual and has never even seen a man naked.

Yet in the Amazon adaptation, Pearl tells Moody her mother has sex with “whomever she wants, whenever she wants.”

Mia also tells Pearl that "sex doesn’t need to mean anything".

2) Izzy's sexuality

In the book, Izzy’s sexuality is never explored.

Her status as the black sheep of the family has less to do with her sexual preference than with the singled-out attention her mother bestowed on her from early childhood.

However, in the show it is hinted at that she may be gay.

3) Pearl and Trip's awkward sexual encounter

Pearl and Trip's romance plays out in the book, but in the show it kicks off very differently.

While the pair are doing their homework together, they start to kiss and head to the bed to have sex.

However, poor Trip is struggling to stay, let's say, excited and he pushes Pearl away and puts his clothes back on, blaming her for "doing it wrong"

This scene never happens in the novel.

In fact, sex between Pearl and Trip is good and healthy and is a way of showing Trip's transformation from arrogant school jock to a much more complex character.

However, in the show, this doesn't happen.

4) Mia's stealing

Viewers see Mia taking receipts, measuring cups, prescription pills, stockings, and even more from the Richardson house.

She also burns a photo of Elena.

None of this happens in the book.

5) Lexie's abortion

In the book, Lexie gets pregnant and decides to have an abortion and sheuses Pearl’s name on the admission slip, after Pearl agrees to it.

In the show however, Pearl is taken aback by this decision as she isn't given a choice and she feels betrayed.

6) Elena tells Pearl the truth

This is probably the biggest change from the book.

Elena, NOT Mia, reveals to the truth to Pearl about her birth.

We only get to see this conversation through a window, so we can't see what Pearl’s exact reaction is to it.

What has the author said about the changes to Little Fires Everywhere?

Author to the book Celeste Ng decided not to write the screenplay for the show, and instead entrusted it with Reese.

Explaining her decision she told Gazette: “I’ve been comparing it to a cover song. You want to hear familiar melodies and the same words, but you also do want the new band’s take on it or else why don’t you just listen to the old one?

“And so I came in really with the attitude of, you know, there are going to be some changes because this is screen, it has to be somewhat different.”

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