Lorraine stars subtle dig at Meghan Markle as hosts react to £1k stress patch

Viewers of ITV's Lorraine hit out on Monday morning (August 14) as stand-in host Ranvir Singh introduced a segment on Meghan Markle's anti-stress patches.

The Duchess of Sussex was snapped at the weekend wearing a wellness disc, which will set you back a cool £1k a year.

The drug-free treatment is said to boost gaba neurotransmitters, reduces stress hormones and improve sleep, according to its manufacturer, NuCalm.

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Ranvir began: "It introduces calming signals to the brain – well we could all do that with that couldn't we?", before introducing "guinea pig for the morning" and Hollywood reporter, Ross King.

Asked if he gets "stressy", Ross explained: "I'm genuinely very laid back luckily, which is good when it comes to live television. But a lot of people are talking about this one – a little patch worn by Meghan, which I'm wearing as well."

And discussing Meghan, he continued: "Harry's been on tour as you know so Meghan's been on her own", before unveiling his patch and mimicking dropping off to sleep.

GP Dr Amir Khan ten took a subtle dig at Meghan as he admitted there was little evidence the patches worked at all.

He explained the science behind the patch: "The idea is it sends out invisible vibrations and frequencies, which resets vibrations in your brain and resets stress hormones like cortisol and stressful brain chemicals like adrenalin.

"To be honest the long term research isn't there to support this kind of patch. However, like a lot of alternative medicines as long as its not doing any harm or costing a fortune or delaying evidence-based medicine then I'm fine with people using it.

"If Meghan feels like its working for her then that's okay. That's absolutely fine."

Keeping up the humour, Ross joked he was "calm" and thanked Ranvir for "checking in" before laughter ensued in the studio.

Dr Amir then recommended exercise, talking about feelings and good nutrition as better antidotes to youngsters awaiting their A-Level results later this week.

Viewers were clearly sceptical about the product, meanwhile, doubting its effectiveness during the broadcast.

"Talk about wishful-thinking anti-stress patch… #lorraine," declared one fan of the show.

Another wrote: "£23 a month for a feckin sticker.. Get a post it, write a message and stick it on your forehead £1 #Lorraine."

A third added: "Who on earth buys this stuff? #lorraine."

And a fourth said: "Loads of idiots rushing out to buy anti stress patches."

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Former Suits star Meghan was spotted wearing the patch while out walking with a bodyguard near the mansion she shares with Harry and their two children, Archie and Lilibet, in Montecito.

It led to Twitter users accusing her of "promoting" the patch for personal gain, rather than needing it for anti-stress purposes.

One user wrote: "Meghan's latest pap walk up / down car park wasn't to promote her winter clothes in the summer. It was about promoting her £3 stress patch."

A second said: "Oh I think she’s merching. No other reason for her coat sleeve to be turned up on one side (so we dont miss her patch). Moreover, it’s nearly impossible that a random photographer just “happened” to be in Summerland when Meghan left that building. They were told to be there.."

And a third declared: "How many pap photos have you seen of Meghan lately? They are very few and far between and then because they've been alerted by the Sussexes. Either way, she made very sure the 'calming' patch was on full display, even to the degree of having that one sleeve turned up."

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