Love Is Blinds Giannina speaks out on Damian and Francesca backlash: Please be kind

Love is Blind: Damian breaks up with Giannina at the altar

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Love is Blind: After the Alter gave fans an exclusive look into the dating lives of contestants after the hit Netflix series Love is Blind. Many viewers were left shocked and took to social media to air their frustrations about Damian’s unexpected actions – and now his girlfriend Giannina Gibelli has spoken out with a message about kindness.

Fans of the original series watched as Giannina and Damian’s relationship blossomed – despite their connection being built through a wall.

Their bond started to take a turn for the worse after the proposal and when the duo began making decisions about life together post-show.

Although they had planned to get married on the show, the couple didn’t make it down the altar.

However, it was later revealed Giannina and Damian had reconciled and were dating again away from the cameras.

At the Love is Blind reunion, the two were cosied up. It appeared the lovebirds had successfully worked on their relationship and were on the right track.

On the spin-off show, After the Altar, fans were blindsided and left furious at Damien after he invited a supposed love interest to the show’s anniversary party.

With Giannina also in attendance, viewers were confused about their relationship status, as he insisted Too Hot To Handle’s Francesca Farago was “just a friend.”

After the backlash, Giannina took to an Instagram caption and spoke out about the show, telling fans to “Be Kind.”

In the post is a series of behind the scenes photos and videos of the night, captioned: “Ahhh I wish I could respond to every single one of you, your messages have been so supportive and lovely.”

She added: “And trust me, I get it, there’s a lot, but I ask that everyone please be kind!”

Fans filled her comments with messages of support and encouragement.

“What a queen you deserve way better than Damian I’m sorry to say it,” one said.

“I don’t how much time has passed since the shooting but you deserve so much better, believe it and achieve it,” another agreed.

However, despite initial backlash on Twitter, viewers ensured he saw their dislike for him.

Under a post that promoted Love Is Blind: After the Alter, one fan wrote: “G is so much better.”

With Francesca’s unexpected appearance as someone who didn’t take part in the show, fans assumed the two were romantically involved as she had also appeared on Netflix’s other dating contest, Too Hot To Handle.

With the process of elimination, each person would sit in a pod on the other side of a wall and get to know each other over three weeks.

For the first time, the couple would meet when the man made his final choice and decided to propose.

The final decision was made at the altar in front of both their loved ones, there they would decide if they wanted to go through with the marriage and continue the relationship away from the show.

All episodes of Love is Blind: After the Alter are available to stream on Netflix.

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