Love Island Bretts twin cringes as nan praises stars sexy dance routine

Love Island star Brett Staniland's twin brother Scott has confessed their nan was loving the model's sexy dance routine on Thursday night's episode – though it made him cringe as he watched.

Brett’s identical twin brother, Scott, spoke to Andy Twigge on BBC Radio Derby where he said that their nan is a big fan of the show.

“My nan won’t stop watching it which after last night’s episode is a bit risky,” said Scott.

And despite being twin brothers, it sounds like Scott is seeing a different side of his brother in the villa.

He said: “It’s really strange because you look and you think you know what he’s like completely but watching last night it’s like ‘that is not Brett on my screen whatsoever’ a man who hates dressing up, hates dancing in front of strangers on national telly.

“I was like I can’t watch it anymore but it’s good. I think he’s carrying himself well. He’s polite, it’s all new to him. Still I’m hoping he’ll settle in a bit better but yeah it’s strange but nice."

Speaking of their reality TV loving nan, Scott added: “My nan is someone who would absolutely love that [the dancing]. Her sister and that part of the family will see that and find it hilarious.

“Whereas I’m watching that cringing into my seat trying not to look on social media.

“My nan messaged me straight away saying ‘didn’t he do well he’s brilliant isn’t he?’ I was like oh god please stop watching nan please.

“I was watching thinking I’m gonna get so many messages off people who know my Nan watches the show."

He laughed: “I didn’t know if he was a gladiator or a pharaoh but he usually moves like a table so that was new to me and I’m sure my Nan was not expecting anything like that.”

Scott joked that his brother was so stiff he used to buy him WD40 for Christmas.

The PHD student from Derbyshire has coupled up with Priya Gopaldas and put on quite a show for the nursing student.

His brother told Twigge that Priya is the one Brett would “most likely” get together with in the outside world so thinks it is genuine.

Although Brett’s heart was sent racing by Liberty, who is coupled up with Jake, so fans will have to tune in and see how Brett and Priya get on.

Love Island airs nightly at 9pm on ITV2

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