Love Islands Olivia and Rosie forced to cover up and be careful with outfits

Love Island stars Olivia Hawkins and Rosie Seabrook have revealed they had to cover up as much as they could during their time in the villa.

Olivia and Rosie took part in this year's winter series of ITV's Love Island in South Africa, but it seems they spent as much time struggling with the wind as they did cracking on with boys in a bid to find their type on paper.

Both Liv and Rosie spoke to Daily Star at the Anthony Joshua vs Jermaine Franklin launch party in London's Battersea on Monday (March 27).

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Liv confessed she found it struggled to chat to any of the boys as it was so cold that her lips started shivering.

She said: "I don’t know how much it was shown of how windy it was, and how much you could see from the television.

"I just remember so many conversations with boys and my mouth would be shivering, like, ‘I can’t have this conversation.’"

Rosie agreed: "We had to be so strategic with our outfits, we wanted to look good but as covered as possible because it was so cold!"

Liv added: "We had to find the middle ground!"

The girls also admitted they no longer care about being seen without any makeup on as being on the show meant the public has already seen them first thing in the morning.

Liv said: "We’re not worried about being seen with makeup anymore."

And Rosie doesn't seem to mind ditching the makeup on her YouTube channel as she said: "I’ve started a YouTube channel and people have seen you literally first thing in the morning.

"When we film in the morning, you don’t even get a chance to brush your hair."

"You’ve still got sleep in your eyes,” Liv said as Rosie joked: "Bit of dribble!"

The girls also revealed that Islanders don’t know when they are going to be woken up every day.

Liv said: "Some days you’ll go straight into lunch. If it’s been a really late night, they’ll let us have a lay-in.”

Rosie admitted that she wished bosses would show less of the drama and more of the funny bits, which mostly air on the Unseen Bits episodes every Saturday.

"There’s so much that doesn’t get shown," she said. "I’ve not watched it back, so I don’t know, but I think from what people have said.

"What gets shown is a lot of the drama and the serious conversation, then you watch the Unseen Bits on the Saturday and that’s what it’s like. We’re having fun, we’re laughing, we’re messing around."

She added: "That’s what I wish was shown a bit more. Us just having fun, not all the drama and serious chats."

And according to Liv, everybody patches things up after their heated clashes much quicker than it's made out on the TV.

"Even after arguments, people make up so quickly," she added.


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