Lucifer season 5 release date: Has the series been pushed back? Creator reveals ‘hiccups’

Lucifer season five is rumoured to be launching its first half on Netflix very soon. However, now the co-showrunner Joe Henderson has teased there have been some difficulties ahead of the new outing.

Has Lucifer season 5 been delayed?

Fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of season five since it was announced last year.

The show has been filming for the past few months for the upcoming outing.

However, the outbreak of coronavirus COVID-19 had halted production on the show while it was filming its finale episode 16.

This meant the Warner Brothers TV and Netflix series had to stop the shoot before it finished.


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Given the show was planned to be split across two parts, many viewers thought the first half may not be impacted.

Now co-showrunner Henderson has revealed they have faced some issues concerning the beginning of season five.

On April 20, he posted on Twitter: “To all #Lucifans out there wondering when season five (part one) drops — chances are, we’ll know when you do!

“There have been some post-production hiccups because of Covid, but we’re working through them pretty well. Hopefully we’ll all have an answer soon!”

Viewers originally thought the show may be coming out in May 2020, as season four had previously dropped at a similar time the year before.

However, now it seems there could be some delays to this release date.

Fellow co-showrunner Ildy Modrovich also gave viewers a quick update, revealing how she was sworn to secrecy.

She was asked by a fan on Twitter on April 21 to reveal a tease about Lucifer season six.


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She replied: “I’m sworn to secrecy at the moment. So… going stir crazy on several levels.”

The pair are not the only ones who have been giving hints about the upcoming series.

Maze star told Entertainment Weekly back in March about when fans could expect to see the show.

She said: “We are so lucky because 99 percent of our show was shot.

“So they can still air the first episodes and I imagine that maybe, I don’t know, but I imagine it’s probably going to be around the same time when we aired the last seasons. So maybe May or June?”


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Netflix has also dropped a hint Lucifer season five be on its way soon.

Back on April 8, Netflix France gave a massive clue the show will be released soon.

The official account tweeted: “Can you feel the flames from hell?

“Lucifer season five arrives soon… (we promise we’ll give you a date).”

With all of these hints, it seems like an official announcement could be imminent. will update fans as soon as this is revealed.

Lucifer season 5 is expected in 2020.

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