Martino Rivas recalls meeting unpredictable Nacho Vidal

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Nacho: An Industry XXXL, is Lionsgate’s brand-new raunchy series that follows Nacho Vidal (played by Martino Rivas) and his extra-long manhood on his journey to making the Spanish porn industry great again. 

Ahead of filming the series, lead star Rivas decided to get to know the real Nacho on a personal level, in order to help him tell his story in the best way possible.

However, Rivas did admit to getting the jitters ahead of him meeting the legendary star, despite him later releasing he was actually a “super warm guy”.

Speaking exclusively to, Rivas recalled his first meeting with Nacho saying: “I was extremely nervous. He’s a very intimidating figure.

“Maybe not really necessarily based on the way he really is, but the way he’s perceived because of how the media has portrayed him you know?”

Rivas went on to say: “His presence is very… you never know what he’s going to do next, he is very unpredictable. 

“So you’re a bit on edge when you when you’re with him, you just don’t really know what to expect. So yeah, he’s a very intimidating guy.”

Despite Rivas’ initial judgment of Nacho, once they actually got to know each other his opinion changed. 

“He’s super warm, very charismatic, very laid back. You just, you know, my encounters with him have always been really pleasant,” Rivas added, as he praised Nacho.  

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Rivas also admitted he actually “envies” the notorious pornstar, and it’s not for the reason fans will think.

When asked if he shares any similarities with Nacho, Rivas claims they’re actually quite the opposite. 

Rivas revealed: “No not really. I do envy him though, because of how fearless he is.

“He’s not afraid of consequences, he doesn’t think twice, he just follows his instinct. And somehow that turn, you know, you take a right turn and sometimes it goes left.

Although Nacho has some intimidating personality traits, Rivas still “admires” the way he “navigates life”.

“I mean, it’s not for me, but I wish I had some of it,” the actor joked. “I wish I could in a small dose.”

Nacho: An Industry XXXL is available to stream on Lionsgate+ in the US and UK.

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