Marvel Needs to Let More of Its MCU Supervillains Survive

Fans can often be the toughest film critics of all. The passion and connectivity to the storyline or characters can cause fans to begin to intensely scrutinize their favorite films and series. Marvel Cinematic Universe is the fictional universe that comes to life on-screen. Over the years, the fans have gotten to know and love the superheroes and the world in which they live. However, now fans are spending a lot of their time discussing and reflecting on the villains of MCU. This thread is a perfect example of elaborated fan feedback. Find out everything fans will want to know when it comes to MCU and villains. 

What problem do some fans have with the MCU when it comes to villains? 

Some Marvel fans have expressed their disappointment in MCU in regards to the lifespan of some of the villains used throughout the years. One comment in the thread reads, “It’s fine to kill characters here and there, but sometimes it’s interesting when villains come back in bigger movies or even in a sequel.” Many users argue that ending the lives of the villains too quickly robs the audience and film from another dimension of depth.

As a result, a true and authentic rivalry doesn’t have the time to develop and form. Another great point stated, “Keeping villains alive and referencing them / cameoing them / showing them brings the movies closer together and even more like a shared universe (more so like the comics).” As the conversation in the thread continued, it became obvious that many Marvel fans can agree with this perspective. 

What villains have been killed off in previous Marvel films? 

When in doubt turn to the facts and data. One user in the thread took it upon themselves to outline MCU films including the status of the featured villain by the end of the correlating movie. On the side of villains who didn’t make it very far, Ronan the Accuser, Whiplash, Yellowjacket, and Thanos were a few of the names that came up. However, though there does seem to be an overwhelming amount of Marvel villains to eat the dust, there are also villains who have lived to see the day or the next film at least.

Loki was one villain who continues to have a prosperous life via MCU. Nevertheless, some comments in the thread didn’t agree with the belief that having short-lived villains in Marvel fans is a problem. One user wrote, “Not every villain is going to be as compelling as Loki. And that’s okay. Sometimes you need a one-and-done villain.” It seems like not all Marvel fans may see eye-to-eye on this ongoing issue, but, regardless, fans are curious as to what to expect from MCU moving forward. 

What can Marvel fans expect in the future from MCU in terms of villains? 

All this discussion of Marvel villains has led fans to a lot of speculation and anticipation. A lot of fans are wondering if Taskmaster will play a part in the next phase of MCU. Taskmaster made his first appearance in 1980 as Anthony Masters. His unique abilities to mimic actions made him a unique villain from the start. However, more recently, fans are curious if they should prepare for more of this evil character in the future.

Many Marvel fans would love to see Taskmaster in the future, but with MCU’s unpredictability when it comes to villains no one knows what to expect. Not to mention, fans are well aware of the fact that in order for Taskmaster to become a recurring villain he would have to survive the upcoming movie Black Widow which is set to premiere this upcoming November. A user in a related thread commented, “I have this bad feeling that Taskmaster won’t ever be heard from after Black Widow, which I feel is a waste of potential.” The hopes and expectations of fans everywhere are high, but only time will tell what MCU has in store for its fans and villains.

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